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June 2018:

6/4 MS Patients Are Getting Caught in an Insurance Deductible Snag
6/4 Calorie Restriction Diets Safe, Effective for Weight Loss in Multiple Sclerosis
6/7 A Study Finds Atrophy of Brain Lesions Predicts Disability in MS
6/7 A Component in Green Tea May Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke
6/8 Baseline Cortical Damage Predicts Onset of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
6/8 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/11 Vagus Nerve Signals May Act as an Early Warning System for Inflammation in MS
6/11 Ways to Minimize the Risk of Stroke
6/13 Gilenya Seen to Particularly Benefit Young Adults with Higher Relapse Rates
6/13 Perceptions of Fall Risk as Important as Physical Limitations and Need Be Part of Risk Assessment
6/14 UW Comprehensive Stroke Center Uses new Technology to Save Lives
6/14 MS Assistive Device Update: MyoPro
6/15 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/25 Axim Biotech Given Patent for Method of Making Medical Cannabis Compound
6/25 Do People Think Your MS Problems Are All in Your Head?
6/26 Synthetic Compound Can Treat Myelin Loss in MSSynthetic Compound Can Treat Myelin Loss in MS
6/26 Best Way to Dress with MS

May 2018:

5/1 The Early Stroke Warning Signs You Must Know
5/1 Race to Erase MS Gala Celebrates 25th Anniversary
5/3 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
5/3 Hope for Patients with Relapsing MS
5/17 High School Golfer Back on the Course After Suffering a Stroke at Age 16
5/17 Complications for MS from Gilenya Treatment Managed Successfully
5/21 Fat-Derived Stem Cells a Potential Safe, Feasible Treatment for Secondary Progressive MS
5/22 Study: Sativex Can Improve Driving Ability of MS Patients
5/24 For A Healthy Brain, Exercise Your Legs
5/24 Brain Stimulation Done at Slower Rates May Be Best for MS and Other Patients as Neurons "Tire"
5/25 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

April 2018:

4/9 Study Shows Being Hungry Shuts off the Perception of Chronic Pain
4/9 Tips for Recovering from a Stroke
4/10 Barbers and Hair Stylists Compete to Help Defeat MS
4/10 Ann Romney Gives Hope to those with MS
4/13 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
4/16 Heart Disease and Stroke are Less Widespread among Foreign Born vs. US-Born Adults
4/16 Study Says SPMS Patients Have More Cognitive Decline Than Those with RRMS
4/17 7 Lifestyle Changes to Embrace When Living with an Autoimmune Disease
4/20 Fat-Derived Stem Cells a Potential Safe, Feasible Treatment for Secondary Progressive MS
4/20 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
4/25 Research Reveals Another Possible Epstein-Barr Virus Link to MS

March 2018:

3/2 Raising Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis Month
3/5 Young MS Researchers Earn Awards at ACTRIMS Forum 2018
3/5 Birth Control Pills Increase Risk of Ischemic Stroke
3/8 Increase in Blood-Brain Barrier Protein May Protect Against MS
3/9 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/9 High Fish Consumption Could Be the Key to Lowering Risk of MS Development
3/13 Mice Without This Protein Resist MS
3/13 Study Finds 1 in 10 Stroke Survivors Need More Help Taking Medication
3/14 Can Do MS Launches 'MS Path 2 Care' to Help Patients Be Equal Partners in Care
3/14 Urinary and Respiratory Tract Infections May Increase the Risk of Double Stroke
3/14 Montel Williams to Speak About Medical Cannabis at New York Event
3/15 Making Your Daily MS Life Easier
3/16 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/16 Planning Ahead For Your MS
3/19 Poorer Sense of Smell Can Be Evident in the Early Stages of MS
3/19 Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke
3/20 This MS Warrior Takes Charge of His MS Through Diet and Exercise
3/20 Poorer Sense of Smell Can Be Evident in the Early Stages of MS
3/21 Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke
3/22 This Mobile App Can Reduce the Risk of Stroke by Detecting Atrial Fibrillation
3/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/23 Stroke Survivors Work on Their Golf Strokes as a Form of Rehabilitation
3/26 Study Links Psychiatric Disorders and Physical Disability in Women with MS
3/26 Drug Found to Reduce Inflammation in Stroke Patients
3/27 Stroke-Focused Hip Hop Could Help Save Lives
3/27 Portable Device Worn Like a Visor Detects Severe Stroke in Seconds
3/28 How to Ease the Transition to a New RRMS Medication
3/28 6 Tips to Self-Manage Your MS
3/29 Smoking is found to Increase Relapses in RRMS Patients Receiving Interferon-beta
3/30 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

February 2018:

2/2 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/2 "Guardian Molecule" May Lead to New MS Treatment
2/5 The Transition Between Relapsing-Remitting MS and Secondary Progressive MS
2/5 Affording Your MS
2/7 MS Society on Recent Research on Gait and Movement Problems
2/9 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/9 Ampyra Aids Cognition and Use of Extremities in MS Patients
2/12 Coping and Accepting Your Diagnosis
2/14 Stigma Can Be a Cause of Depression in MS Studies
2/14 Master Regulator of the Faulty Inflammation Signaling in MS Identified by Australian Researchers
2/15 Video Games Found to Improve Mobility After A Stroke
2/16 Commonly Prescribed Medication Linked to Stroke
2/16 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/16 Short Kids May Have Higher Risk of Strokes
2/19 Intimacy, Marriage and Chronic Illness
2/19 This Throat Sensor Can Help You Recover From a Stroke
2/20 3 Apps to Use for Stroke Patients
2/20 Medical Cannabis Found to Safely Reduce Chronic Pain in Older Patients in Study
2/21 Swelling Up From Your MS
2/21 University at Buffalo to do Cognitive Training and Myelin Repair Studies
2/22 MS Patients Tend to Have More Heart Problems, Need Better Exams, Study Shows
2/22 Breakthrough Stroke Treatment Surprises Doctors and Patients
2/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/26 "Something On Our Minds" – A Book for Those with MS by Those with MS
2/26 Mouse Study Shows Inhibiting Enzyme Can Reverse Myelin Damage and Improve Limb Function
2/27 This Pilot Study is Testing If Mediterranean Diet Can Help MS Patients
2/27 Skin Cells May Help Repair Nerve Damage in MS

January 2018:

1/2 How to Manage Your MS in the Harsh Winter Weather
1/2 Gilenya Halts Brain's Gray Matter Atrophy in RRMS Patients
1/3 MS Patients' Handwriting Ability Correlates with Movement, Sensory and Cognitive Impairment
1/5 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/5 Amino Acid Common in Energy Drinks May Boost Potency of MS Drug
1/9 Eating Leafy Greens Can Help Those with MS
1/9 MMJ Files Patent on Part-Cannabinoid and Part-Non-Cannabinoid Treatment for MS
1/10 Study Suggests Human Herpes Virus 6 May Increase the Risk of MS
1/11 Updated Criteria to Accelerate Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis
1/11 Extavia Recommended To Be The Only Therapy for MS with Relapses That Britain Should Cover
1/12 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/15 Probiotics Found to Increase Punch of Treatments That Decrease Inflammation in MS
1/16 Newly Diagnosed MS Patients Stay on Rituxan Longer Than Other Therapies
1/16 Myelin Loss Can Be Assessed With Innovative Imaging Approach
1/17 5 Hand Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis
1/19 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/22 Online Keyboard Tapping Assessment Can Accurately Evaluate Disease Severity in MS
1/23 Non-Hispanic Women Have Highest MS Mortality Rates
1/23 The Structure of Major Cytokine Found to be Involved in MS Inflammation
1/24 Heavy-Hitting MS Therapies Now Being Used Sooner for Some Patients
1/24 Study Identifies MS Patients at Risk of Severe Disease Reactivation After Gilenya Is Discontinued
1/25 PET Scans May Help Image Multiple Sclerosis-Related Damage
1/25 MS Patients' High Osteopontin Protein Levels Make It a Potential Biomarker for the Disorder
1/29 Cooking Dinner When MS Fatigue Gets in the Way
1/31 FDA Approves Swedish Company's Technology for Getting More out of MRI Scans
1/31 Tips to Ease Anxiety


December 2017:

12/1 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/4 Fermented Foods Can Benefit Your Autoimmune Disease
12/4 The Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer
12/6 There's a New Way to Deliver Multiple Sclerosis Drugs to the Brain
12/6 This Video Game Could Help Kids with ADHD
12/8 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/11 Debating Divorce with Multiple Sclerosis
12/12 Should MS Therapy Prices Reflect How Diligently We Take Our Meds?
12/12 Analysis Suggests Oral Steroids are Better Than Intravenous Steroids for Treating MS
12/14 New Trial Finds Using Balloons to Increase Blood Flow from Brain Fails to Help MS Patients
12/14 Study Finds Levels of Nerve Protein in Blood Provide Good Grasp of MS Activity
12/15 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/15 Living with MS and a Limited Number of Spoons
12/18 Oral Cannaidiol Meets Goals of Phase 1 Study as Possible Spasticity Treatment
12/19 Taurine Has Been Seen to Boost Effectiveness of MS Therapies in the Remyelination Process
12/21 Free Yourself From Fascia!
12/21 This Antidepressant May Help Battle the Course of Multiple Sclerosis
12/22 This Nerve Transfer Can Potentially Restore Function in Stroke Victims
12/22 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/22 Getting Through the Holidays with Chronic Illness
12/27 Chicken Pox-Shingles Virus Could be Linked to MS
12/27 Dysdiadochokinesia in Multiple Sclerosis
12/28 Zinbryta Fails to Prevent RRMS from Worsening After Tysabri
12/28 Cerebral Palsy Can be Reduced in Preterm Babies if Moms are Given Magnesium Sulfate
12/29 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/29 Telling Family and Friends About Your MS

November 2017:

11/1 Earlier Onset of Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Cesarean Delivery, Artificial Lactation
11/3 Almost Half of MS Patients Fail to Report Relapses
11/3 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/7 Targeting Blood-clotting Protein Can Restore Brain's Potential to Repair Myelin Layer, Study Shows
11/7 Experimental Technology Can 'Smell' Disease on Your Breath
11/13 Sanofi and Principia Join to Develop Potential B-Cell-Targeting Oral MS Treatment
11/13 Thinking About Stopping Your MS Treatments?
11/14 MMJ Hires Lead Investigator for Phase 2 Trials of Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Progressive MS
11/14 Computational Simulations Show Multiple Sclerosis is 1 Disease
11/15 Physical Exercise Using Nintendo Wii May Improve Balance and Gait in MS Patients, Study Says
11/15 Colonic Inertia & MS
11/16 Woman Invents Shirt With Magnetic Buttons to Help People With Disabilities
11/16 Sodium Intake Ruled Out as Cause of Multiple Sclerosis
11/17 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/20 Fampyra/Ampyra May Improve Walking Speed in MS Patients Over Longer Term
11/20 Integrin Protein Protects Brain From Neuroinflammation
11/21 Flu Shots for MS Patients
11/21 MS Activist Builds His Own Accessible City Made of Legos
11/27 Silent Brain Lesions Linked to Cognitive Decline in Early-Stage RRMS by French Study
11/27 Get Rid of That Post Stroke Spasticity for Good
11/28 Use These 5 Hand Exercises to Help Maintain Your Dexterity and Flexibility
11/28 Why People with MS Don't Report Relapses
11/30 Fight Inflammation Caused by MS! Study Shows That a Vegetable-rich Diet Can Help
11/30 Rutgers Mouse Study Shows Gut Bacteria Connection to MS Onset and Development

October 2017:

10/2 MS Patients Who Have Poor Diets and Don't Exercise Report Higher Pain Levels
10/2 The Benefits of Home Infusion Care for MS Patients
10/2 Falls Common Among Wheelchair, Scooter Users in People with MS
10/3 Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Reduces MS Fatigue
10/3 MS May Affect Ability to Read Social Cues
10/5 Inter-Eye Percentage Difference May Help Diagnose MS-Associated Optic Neuritis
10/5 Americans with Multiple Sclerosis Are Traveling to Russia for Treatment
10/6 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/9 BETACONNECT Auto-injector Helps MS Patients Stick with Treatment
10/9 5 Things to Know About MS in Children
10/10 Therapy That Just Might Beat MS Fatigue
10/11 Nimbus, Celgene to Jointly Research Targeting of Proteins to Treat MS
10/12 Fat Intake Increases Risk of Children with MS Having a Relapse
10/12 Diet High in Salt Does Not Increase MS Risk
10/12 Allergy Drug Improves Function in MS Patients with Chronic Injuries
10/13 MS and Employment: Asking for Reasonable Accommodations
10/13 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/18 Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers Revises MRI Guidelines
10/18 Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Aubagio May Cause Nail Loss
10/19 Journalist With MS Explains the Importance of Stretching
10/20 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/23 Corrona and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Announce intent to Collaborate on a Registry
10/25 MRI Scans Could Identify Children at High Risk for MS, Yale Study Finds
10/25 Two Studies Show IL-35 Protein's Potential to Curb Inflammation in Autoimmune Diseases Like MS
10/26 Repurposed Stroke & Asthma Drug Clears MS Trial
10/26 Friendships and MS
10/27 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/30 Quitting Smoking, Boosting Vitamin D Reduces MS Healthcare Costs, Improves Outcomes
10/30 5 Conditions Commonly Mistaken for MS

September 2017:

9/1 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/5 Gilenya Shows Significant Effect in Phase III Trial
9/5 Specialized New Jersey Gym Helping Patients with MS, Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries
9/6 Older Women with MS Age Better Than Their Male Counterparts
9/6 Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman Nominated for Man of the Year Award Based on Work With the MS Community
9/7 Color Blindness Could be Early Sign of MS
9/7 Physical Activity and Sleep in Multiple Sclerosis
9/8 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/8 MS and a Type of Schizophrenia May Belong to the Same Class of Disorders
9/11 RRMS Patients at Risk of PML Can Safely Switch from Tysabri to Lemtrada
9/11 Study Reveals Structural Eye Neurodegeneration Common Among MS Patients
9/12 Gut Microbes Could Actually Be Triggering Relapses of Multiple Sclerosis
9/12 STUDY: Concussion in Adolescence May Increase Risk of MS Later
9/13 Link Between MS & Appetite Changes
9/14 Cognitive Impairment Worse Among PPMS Than RRMS Patients
9/14 Ocrevus Less Expensive, More Efficient than Interferon
9/15 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/18 Urinary Urgency Linked with Recurrent Falls in MS
9/18 Probiotics Consumption May Improve Certain Disease Parameters in MS Patients
9/19 Study Uncovers Markers for Severe Form of Multiple Sclerosis
9/20 Brit Scientist Could Be About to Cure Multiple Sclerosis
9/20 Copaxone Benefits RRMS Patients in the Long Term
9/21 IQuity Taking Orders for RNA-Based Blood Test That Can Detect MS Early
9/21 Sensory Overload in MS Patients
9/22 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/22 Today is National Fall Prevention Awareness Day
9/25 Iron Intake Could Lead to Diagnosis of Pediatric MS
9/25 Setting Goals Proving to be Beneficial to MS Patients
9/26 Drug Target for Progressive MS Discovered
9/26 New Cannabis Patch, Meant to Combat Nerve Pain, Is Under Development
9/27 RebiSmart Usage Among Young, Less Disabled MS Patients May Improve with More Knowledge
9/29 Active Brain Inflammation Helps Cause Anxiety & Depression in RRMS Patients
9/29 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/29 New Video Series Aims to Lift the MS Community

August 2017:

8/1 MS Patients Often Suffer Depression and Other Symptoms Within First Year of Diagnosis
8/1 Abarca and Biogen Sign Value-Based Reimbursement Contract for MS Therapies
8/2 Two New Multiple Sclerosis Trials
8/2 5 Areas of Research That Could Change the Future of MS Treatment
8/3 First Study Shows Tie Between Probiotic and Improved Symptoms of Depression
8/3 MS Assistive Device: SafeGait 360
8/4 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
8/8 MS Assistive Device: MyoPro
8/10 Focusing on Quality of Life in MS
8/10 Restore Exosuit Could Help MS Patients Improve Their Walking Ability, Study Reports
8/11 Health Questionnaires Can Help to Predict "Hard Outcomes" in MS Patients
8/11 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
8/15 Multiple Sclerosis, Systemic Linked by Genetic Variant
8/16 Ulcer Bacterium May Play a Role in MS Studies
8/16 An MS Study on MD 1003 That You May Want To Be A Part Of
8/17 This is a Clinical Trial for MS Patients That Suffer From Urinary Incontinence
8/17 Study Says Older Immunosuppressants May Increase MS Patients' Cancer Risk
8/18 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
8/18 Is Medical Marijuana Right for My MS?
8/21 Mouse and Human Myelination Research Might Improve Success Rates for New MS Treatments
8/21 Targets and Treatments That May Hold Promise for Treating MS
8/22 Are We Close to an MS Cure? A Look at Some Medications on the Pipeline
8/22 Link Between MS Therapy Tysabri and Melanoma Possible
8/23 Mavenclad Improves Relapsing MS Patients' Quality of Life
8/24 Horseback Riding Plus Standard Care Can Help MS Patients Improve Balance
8/24 MS Advocacy Resources
8/25 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
8/28 RRMS Patients Needed for Phase 3 Trial to Assess Adverse Effects of ALKS 8700 Therapy vs. Tecfidera
8/28 Topas and Lily Are Partnering to Develop Therapies for Autoimmune Disorders
8/29 Tecfidera Improves MS Patients' Work Productivity, Compared with Other Therapies
8/29 Costs Associated With Multiple Sclerosis Rise As Severity Of Disease Increases
8/30 Tips for Dealing with the Heat with MS
8/30 Strange Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
8/31 MS Assistive Device- Myobuddy
8/31 Will Omega-3 Fatty Acids Benefit MS Patients?

July 2017:

7/3 Tysabri Shows Long-term Safety and Efficacy in Japanese RRMS Patients
7/3 How This MS Patient Found Marijuana To Be The Best Medicine
7/4 If My MRI Is Stable, Why Is My Walking Getting Worse?
7/4 4 Ways to Care for Yourself While Caring for Others
7/5 Tiny Particles Carrying Myelin Antigens Seen to Restore Immune Tolerance in MS Mice Model
7/5 Pipeline Drug MIS416 Fails to Benefit SPMS Patients
7/6 Poor Caregiver Mental Health Might Shorten Lifespan of MS Patients Under Their Care
7/7 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/10 Teva Announces Positive Results for Study of Fremanezumab
7/11 Problems with Sense of Smell Are Worse in Primary Progressive MS
7/12 How to Improve MS-Related Imbalance
7/12 Europe Restricts Use of MS Therapy Zinbryta After Liver Damage Cases and a Death
7/12 Younger MS Patients Who Are Hospitalized May Be at Higher Risk of Quitting Treatment
7/13 FOXP3 Gene Mutations May Explain Immune System Excitability in MS and Other Diseases
7/13 Long-Term Use of Ampyra Lowers Medical Costs and Hospital Visits
7/13 Researchers Working on a Band-Aid to Replace Shots
7/14 Moms Who Breastfeed May Have Reduced Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis
7/14 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/17 Another MS Symptom: Sciatic Nerve Pain at a Whole New Level
7/17 Alternative and Complimentary Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis
7/18 Write On: Let Your Voice Do the Typing with Voice-To-Text Technology
7/18 Nonprofit Organization Provides Free Yoga and Meditation Classes to MS Patients
7/19 Allergy Medicine Fails To Reduce Flu-Like Syndrome In RRMS Patients
7/19 5 Ways Amazon's Alexa Can Help People With Multiple Sclerosis
7/20 Red Wine Eases MS Symptoms
7/20 MS Symptoms Coupled With Poor Self-Esteem Can Lead To Serious Depression
7/21 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/25 Dormant Herpes Virus Can Impede Repair of Myelin Sheath Whose Deterioration Causes MS
7/25 Combined HIIT and Resistance Training Improves Physical Health and Quality of Life in MS Patients
7/25 New Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Drug Approved By FDA
7/26 4 Surprising Facts About Your Brain
7/26 5 Ways Multiple Sclerosis Affects Your Body From Head to Toe
7/26 Study Draws Reverse Link Between the Number of a Patient's MRI Scans
7/27 MS Pipe Dreams: Dealing With Urinary Tract Infections
7/27 Vitamin D Supplements Fail to Prevent Bone Loss in MS Patients
7/28 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/31 Cell Therapy Trial Approved, Aimed to Restore Myelin
7/31 Exosomes in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Have Distinct RNA Profile

June 2017:

6/1 Multiple Sclerosis Patients May Struggle To Understand How Others Feel
6/1 MS Burning Feet and Hands Could Be Erythromelalgia
6/2 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/5 The No-Gym Workout
6/5 In MS, Anxiety and Cognitive Fatigue May Affect Visual Memory
6/6 Electric Stimulation as a Drug-Free Option for Managing MS Pain
6/6 An 'MS House' That Lets You Walk in a Patient's Shoes
6/7 How to Manage Multiple Sclerosis Relapses
6/7 Ann Romney Wants to Get Your Brain and Body Fit
6/7 Acne Therapy Reduces Rate of Multiple Sclerosis Progression
6/8 'MS from the Inside Out' Uses Virtual Reality to Share What Life for Patients is Like
6/8 How to Survive Summer Heat Intolerance
6/9 Single Session of Ball-Throwing Exercise Improves Balance Control in MS
6/9 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/12 Pharmacist-Led Program May Improve MS Treatment Adherence
6/12 How Pilates Changed an MS Patient's Life
6/13 Bringing More Minority MS Patients into Research Is Project's Goal
6/13 What Triggers Your Sensory Overload?
6/13 Dealing with the Spins: Dizziness & Vertigo in Multiple Sclerosis
6/14 Sodium Intake and Its Association with Multiple Sclerosis Progression
6/14 SPMS Patients Have Higher Illness Burden than RRMS Patients
6/15 How Essential Oils Can Benefit Chronic Illness Sufferers
6/15 Researchers Develop New Method to Specifically Target Immune Cells that Trigger MS
6/16 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/19 Air Pollution May Trigger MS Relapse
6/19 3 Things You Should Know About Yoga
6/20 How to Make Sense of Your MRI
6/20 Free Air Conditioners Available for MS Patients
6/21 Harvard Study Finds No Link Between Clinical Exam and MRIs in Some MS Patients
6/21 AXIM Obtains More Financing for Its Cannabinoid Therapies for MS and Bowel Diseases
6/22 Fatigue and Reduced Leg Function Can Signal Transition to Progressive MS
6/22 Navigate the TSA Checkpoint with MS
6/22 Canadian Rancher Wrote a Book about MS to Give Others Hope
6/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/26 MS Patients Should Contribute to Outcome Measure Development
6/26 Relapse After First Lemtrada Course No Indication of Poor Long-Term Outcome
6/27 Multiple Sclerosis Study Reveals Possible Trigger
6/27 CMSC: When It's Not MS
6/28 Feeling of Social Stigma Makes Depression in MS More Likely
6/28 Nurse Advocates for Shared Decision-Making to Treat MS
6/28 Cigarette Smoking Doesn't Speed Up Disease Progression in PPMS
6/29 How to Survive Business Travel When You Have MS
6/29 Cladribine Tablets Are Only A Step Away from European Approval
6/30 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

May 2017:

5/1 New Survey Finds Multiple Sclerosis Patients Struggle with Misdiagnosis and Invisible Symptoms
5/1 British Scientists May Have Discovered Possible Cause of Multiple Sclerosis
5/1 Ground-Breaking Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Has Man Running Again
5/2 MS Patients Can See Symptoms of Disease 5 Years Before Diagnosis
5/3 Ryan Zimmerman Raises $200,000 for Multiple Sclerosis Causes
5/3 Managing the Emotional Side of Multiple Sclerosis
5/3 Canadian Study of MS-Prone Family Proves That in Rare Cases, Multiple Sclerosis is Inherited
5/3 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
5/8 Cladribine Tablets Reduce Risk of MS Progression and Relapse
5/8 Burden of Multiple Sclerosis Relapses Is Underappreciated, Study Says
5/10 Decisions to Stop Takin Tysabri for MS Are Often Subjective, Study Concludes
5/10 Scottish Medicines Consortium Approves Zinbryta for NHS Treatment of RRMS Patients in Scotland
5/11 Ocrevus and Rituxan: Are they Similar?
5/11 Address Primary Symptoms to Avoid Secondary Ones
5/12 Pregnant Women with Relapsing MS Can Use Copaxone Without Harming Baby
5/12 Laquinimod Fails to Meet Primary Clinical Trial Goal of Slowing Progression of RRMS
5/12 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
5/15 MS Assistive Device: Obi Dinner Plate
5/15 An Untreated Migraine Now Could Mean Chronic Migraines Later
5/16 Study Looking at High-Dose Biotin as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
5/16 Multiple Sclerosis Experts Offer Guidelines on Contraceptive Use Among Women with MS
5/17 RRMS Patients on Beta-Interferon Therapy Have Increased Risk of Stroke
5/17 Loss of Spinal Nerve Fibers Not the Only Cause of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis
5/18 Getting Into Your Meditation Routine
5/18 5 Myths (With Facts) about Primary Progressive MS
5/19 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
5/22 How Safe Are Statins For MS Patients?
5/22 Getting Into Your Meditation Routine
5/23 MS Pipeline Drug: Celgene
5/23 Roche Seeks to Mend Damaged Nerves in Multiple Sclerosis Push
5/23 3 Travel Tips for Easier Flying with MS
5/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
5/23 Could Muscle Twitches Be Symptom of MS?
5/30 Fampyra Granted Standard Approval in Europe as Trial Results Support Effectiveness
5/30 In Multiple Sclerosis, Hand Strength May Indicate Disease Status
5/30 Understanding Multiple Sclerosis in Children and Teens
5/31 What MS Patients Can Do To Prepare For Their Appointment
5/31 N.Y. Stem Cell Foundation Grows Brain Immune Cells in a Dish, Offering Clues into MS Research

April 2017:

4/4 Novel Immunotherapy Reverses Paralysis in Mice; Could Stand to Help MS Patients
4/5 Engineering Project Becomes Game Changer for Teacher with MS
4/5 Bryan Bickell Plays First NHL Game Since MS Diagnosis
4/6 Things MS Patients Can't Live Without
4/6 Possible New Target for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Found by Researchers
4/7 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
4/11 Bryan Bickell Scores Shootout Goal in Final NHL Game; Will Retire Due to MS Diagnosis
4/11 Study Says Ampyra Aided Walking in PPMS and RMS Patients
4/12 What You Should Know About the New Ocrevus Drug
4/12 5 Yoga Poses for MS Patients
4/12 MS Life Expectancy Improved But Not Equal
4/13 Canada Cohort to Launch a Research MS Progression
4/13 RMS Patient on Ocrevus Experiences Positive Results
4/14 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
4/24 Decisions to Stop Takin Tysabri for MS Are Often Subjective, Study Concludes
4/24 Glove with Sensors Measures Spasticity More Accurately than Physicians
4/24 In Relapsing MS, Fatigue, Limb Problems May Signal Risk for Disease Conversion
4/25 3D Laboratory Cell Growth System Might Help MS Remyelination Research
4/25 Why Staying Informed About Multiple Sclerosis is Important
4/26 An Updated Version of Basic MS Explorer is Now Available in IOS & Android Formats
4/26 Latest Tecfidera and Tysabri Data Suggest Treatments Improve MS Outcomes When Used Early
4/27 Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Epstein-Barr, Herpes Simplex Virus Exposure
4/28 Realigning Upper Vertebrae Can Relieve MS Symptoms, Chiropractic Studies Suggest
4/28 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
4/28 Psoriasis Risk Elevated in MS Patients

March 2017:

3/1 5 Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis
3/1 60-Year Follow-up Study of MS Patients Looked at Risks, Causes of Death
3/2 Retinal Degeneration Ongoing in Pediatric MS
3/2 Immune Disorders Such as MS and Psoriasis May Be Tied to Dementia Risk
3/3 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/6 MS in Children Versus Adults
3/7 Older SPMS Patients More Likely to Suffer from Fatigue, Limited Leg Function, Study Says
3/7 Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
3/8 Yoga Festival Designed to Help MS Sufferers
3/8 Virtual Reality Provides Early Diagnosis Tool for Parkinson’s and MS
3/9 Liberation Therapy is Debunked by Researchers in Canada
3/9 IQuity to Release 7-Day Blood Diagnostics Test for Multiple Sclerosis in May
3/10 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/13 Muscle Health Test Shows Importance of Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis
3/13 Predicting Who Will Get Progressive MS
3/15 6 Common Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue
3/15 Plant-Based Diet Could Limit MS Symptoms
3/16 Acorda Launches Interactive and Talking 'MS Awareness Facts' Alexa Service for March
3/17 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/20 MS Pipeline Drug: ALKS 8700
3/21 Anxiety as a Predictor of Depression in Multiple Sclerosis
3/22 Swallowing Problems in MS
3/23 Kidney Stone Formation May Differ in MS Patients
3/23 MS and Jet Lag
3/24 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/27 Early Rebif Treatment Prolongs Progression to Clinically Definite MS
3/29 Study: Multiple Sclerosis in Mother Increases Chance of Children Having ADHD
3/29 FDA Approves First Treatment for Both Relapsing & Primary Forms of MS
3/30 Non-Invasive Test Evaluates Muscle Health in Multiple Sclerosis
3/31 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

February 2017:

2/1 Nasal Solution Made of 'Molecular Soup' Protects Eye Neurons in MS Mice with Optic Neuritis
2/1 3 Bone Building Tips for MS Patients
2/2 Computer-Assisted Therapy Found to Benefit MS Patients with Cognitive Difficulties
2/3 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes Super Bowl 51
2/6 Switching From Gilenya to Lemtrada Seen to Trigger Disease Activity in Some MS Patients
2/7 MS Assistive Device: Ogo
2/7 Novel Shoe Insoles May Be Saving Grace for MS Patients
2/8 Bryan Bickell Set to Return to NHL After Being Diagnosed with MS 3 Months Ago
2/8 Study Cites Higher Risk of MS in Teens Who are Overweight, Begin Puberty Early
2/10 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/13 Ampyra is a Long-Term Solution for MS Patients with Gait Disturbance
2/13 Traditional Medicinal Herb Sheds Promising Result for MS Patients
2/14 Tongue Stimulation Could Give MS Patients Better Rehabilitation Outcomes, Study Suggests
2/15 Gilenya Could Help Treat SPMS
2/15 Botox to Treat Urinary Urgency in MS
2/16 RRMS Halted With Immunosuppression, Stem Cell Transplant
2/16 Electrical-Stimulation Rehabilitation Device for Gait Impairment Accepted by FDA
2/17 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/20 Tiny Bleeds Can Raise Disability Risk for People with Multiple Sclerosis
2/21 MS Pipeline Drug: Ozanimod (RPC-1063)
2/21 Risky MS Treatment That Resets Immune System May Halt Disease for Five Years
2/22 New Compound May Ease Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain, Limit Side Effects
2/22 MS Pipeline Drug: ATX-MS-1467
2/23 How to Survive an MRI If You Are Claustrophobic
2/24 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/27 New Technology Improves Cognition in MS Patients
2/27 Building Self-Esteem as an MS Patient
2/28 The Benefits of Music Therapy for MS Patients

January 2017:

1/3 SNAP Factors are Putting MS Patients at Risk
1/3 Insufficient Vitamin D Levels in Newborns May Influence MS Risk
1/4 MAXOfit Ministepper Can Be Key to Wellness of MS Patients
1/4 Breathalyzer Diagnoses 17 Different Diseases, Including MS, Using a Single Breath
1/5 New Year's Resolution for MS Patients: Cut out the Junk Food
1/6 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/9 Study Shows Paleo Diet Improved Lives of RRMS Patients
1/10 Men Living with MS
1/10 Magnetic Stimulation of the Brain May Aid Working Memory in MS Patients
1/11 MS Walking Scale Benchmarks Identified
1/12 Study: Brain Shrinkage is Associated with Hemoglobin Leak in MS Patients
1/13 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/16 Early Detection of PML May Lessen Damage Done to MS Patients Using Tysabri
1/17 Navigating Dating With MS
1/17 Tecfidera Seen to Potentially Limit Vision Problems in MS
1/18 Should I Keep Working With MS?
1/19 Siemens Healthineers and Biogen to Enhance MRI's Ability to Help MS Patients
1/19 Multiple Sclerosis Drug Triggers Severe Adverse Events
1/20 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/24 High-Risk Relatives of MS Patients Show Early Signs of Disease
1/24 A Scientist Thinks Cannabis Could Be a Wonder Drug for Treating MS
1/25 University of Maryland and VA to Investigate Tregs as Possible MS Treatment
1/25 Epileptic Seizures in Multiple Sclerosis May Suggest Shared Pathology
1/26 Biogen's MS Drug Gets Liver Injury Warning
1/27 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/30 Sense of Smell Is Impaired in Half of Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Study
1/30 Molecules in Blood Could Be Biomarkers of MS Progression
1/31 MS and Falling the "Right Way"

December 2016:

12/1 The Process of Diagnosing MS
12/1 Protein from Parasite Lowers Relapse Rates, Evidence of Demyelination in Mice with MS
12/2 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/5 New Scanner Able to Detect Bed Sores Before They Are Even Visible
12/5 Scientists Demonstrate the Relationship of Sex and Development of Multiple Sclerosis
12/6 Ways to Motivate Yourself When MS Has You Down
12/6 "Magnet Therapy" Shown to Be Effective in Treating MS Symptoms
12/7 CMSC is Calling for Abstracts for 2017 Meeting
12/8 Basic MS Explorer is Now Available in IOS & Android Formats
12/9 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/12 Multiple Sclerosis: Better Ways to Test Diet Changes
12/13 Treating Exhaustion in Multiple Sclerosis
12/14 Addressing the High Risk of Falls in MS
12/16 Calcium Channel Research May Help Improve MS Therapies
12/16 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/19 An Update on Pipeline Drug MN-166
12/20 Bone Loss Evident in MS & Other Neurological Disorders Due to Immobility
12/20 The Difference Between Spasticity & Rigidity
12/22 Ocrelizumab Being Considered a Landmark Drug in MS Treatment
12/22 Man Designs Home That He Can Control With His Eyes
12/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/30 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

November 2016:

11/1 MS Podcast: Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS
11/1 Study: MS Does Not Raise a Women's Risk for Breast Cancer
11/2 Nuedexta for Pseudobulbar Affect in MS
11/4 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/7 The Search for the Perfect Multiple Sclerosis Diet
11/7 You Can Follow the Testing Stages of Medical Marijuana Gum Online
11/8 MS, Fatigue & Sleep Disorders by Dr. Karen Lee
11/8 Why This MS Drug Only Works Half the Time
11/9 New States Have Approved Use of Medicinal Marijuana
11/9 Cataplexy in MS
11/10 Degree of Posture Difficulties in MS Linked to Areas of Nervous System Damaged by Disease
11/11 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/14 Late Onset MS Patients More Likely to Progress Quickly to Disability
11/14 NHL Star Bryan Bickell Reveals He Has Multiple Sclerosis
11/15 Controlling Blood Pressure with MS
11/15 New Way of Scanning Brain Captures Onset of Inflammation in MS Mice and Patients
11/16 Bringing the Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Model to Multiple Sclerosis Patients
11/17 Do MS Injectable Medications Need Refrigeration?
11/18 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/21 MS Assistive Device: Keeogo
11/21 The Goal of MS Rehabilitation
11/22 Cupping to Treat Chronic Neck & Lower Back Pain
11/22 The Use of Vitamin Supplements for Neurological Disorders
11/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/29 Avoiding Cervicogenic Dizziness with MS
11/29 A Letter to Parents of Children with Special Needs, from a Pediatric Nurse
11/30 Pipeline Drug: ABT-555
11/30 UV Light May Lead Way to New Treatment for MS & Inflammation

October 2016:

10/3 MS More Frequent Among Females Exposed to High Levels of Copper, Study Shows
10/4 Pilates for MS
10/4 Plasma Exchange for MS
10/5 The Role of Gut Bacteria in MS
10/5 Mindfulness Training Seen to Help People Adjust to Chronic Ill's Like MS
10/6 Virus Linked to Respiratory Infections May Also Trigger Brain Disease Like MS
10/7 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/10 Multiple Sclerosis Pipeline Drug: ABX1431
10/11 Multiple Sclerosis Assistive Device: PerfiC Cath
10/11 Estriol Promising for Reduction of Multiple Sclerosis Relapse
10/12 Tool for MS Patients to Measure Sleep Quality
10/12 Multiple Sclerosis Pipeline Drug: Laquinimod
10/12 Preventing UTI's
10/13 Caregiver to Caregiver: We Are Not Alone
10/14 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/17 Jamie Lynn-Sigler on Being a Mom with MS
10/18 MS Drug Found to Reverse Disease's Early Physical Symptoms
10/18 Protein in Wheat Could Exacerbate Chronic Health Conditions
10/18 MS Assistive Device: Smyle Mouse
10/19 Basic MS Explorer is Available on Google Play
10/20 Relapses & Dislike of Needles Among Reasons MS Patients Stop Betaferon
10/21 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/21 Determined Father with Multiple Sclerosis Uses Exoskeleton to Walk Daughter Down Wedding Aisle
10/24 Study: Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Work to Restore Immune System Balance
10/24 MS Rebound Registry Necessary to Promote Safety, Prevent Relapse
10/25 MS Patients are Benefitting From Meditation
10/26 Medical Marijuana is Now Available in the Form of Controlled-Dose Capsules
10/27 Study: Stepping & Body-Weight Supported Treadmill Training Can Benefit Patients with Progressive MS
10/27 MS Assistive Device: STIMuSTEP
10/28 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

September 2016:

9/1 Using a Hyperbaric Chamber with MS
9/2 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/6 MS Patient Seeks Gold in 2 Different Sports
9/6 Breathing Exercises for MS
9/7 Improve Your MS Symptoms with the Paleo Diet
9/7 Breast Cancer Therapy, Tamoxifen, May Promote Myelin Repair in MS
9/8 Telemedicine: Making the Lives of MS Patients Easier
9/9 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/12 MS Assistive Device: Zero Breeze
9/13 New Study Focuses on Important Role of MS Caregivers
9/14 Lack of Diversity is Hurting MS Studies
9/14 High Doses of Vitamin D No Guarantee to Help MS Patients; Low Doses Are Good For All
9/15 New Study May Help With Predicting the Severity of MS
9/15 Amiselimod May Decrease Lesion in Relapsing MS
9/16 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/19 Lipoic Acid Therapy Found to Slow Rate of Brain Atrophy
9/21 Weekend Escape in Virginia Offers Respite from the Stress of MS
9/22 Study Reveals Sustained Efficacy of Intrathecal Baclofen in MS-Related Spasticity
9/22 Migraines & Other "Common" Ill's Being Mistaken for MS
9/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/23 Strategies For Neurologists to Curb Treatment Cost for Multiple Sclerosis Patients
9/26 Future Treatment for MS: Tattoo Therapy
9/26 Enriching Experiences May Protect Against Cognitive Decline in MS
9/27 MS Patient Walks 900 Miles in Memory of Childhood Sweetheart Who Died of Cancer
9/28 The Importance of Annual MRI's
9/28 Treatment with Enzyme May Keep MS Muscle Stiffness at Bay
9/29 Exercise Does Not Reduce Risk of Developing MS
9/29 McGill Scientist Using $6.1M Award Grant Towards Research in Progressive MS
9/30 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/30 Consistent Doctor-Patient Communication Key for MS Patient Satisfaction

August 2016:

8/1 New App Helps People With Disabilities Review Hotels
8/1 PGA Champion's Caddie Suffers From MS
8/2 Study Exploring Ocrelizumab in Patients with Relapsing MS is Now Recruiting in US
8/2 4 Unexpected Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy in Teens
8/3 Going For Gold
8/3 Successive Pregnancies Will Not Affect MS Relapse Rate
8/4 Cornell Scientists Beginning to understand Lipid Signaling in Cells; Could Be Key to Developing MS Therapies
8/4 Antioxidant Therapies Seen as Promising Approach in Treating MS
8/5 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
8/8 Oxidative Stress in Cerebrospinal Fluid of PPMS Patients Lowered by Use of Steroids
8/8 TENS Seen to Ease Spasticity in MS Patients in Low Cost and Accessible Way
8/9 Israel's Grabski MS Center
8/9 Neurologists Need to Empathize with MS Patients
8/10 This is How MS Symptoms Are Relieved by Cannabis
8/10 MS Sufferers Having to Wait for Treatment Due to Absence of Medication
8/12 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
8/12 Lhermitte's Sign & MS
8/13 Treating MS Soon After Symptoms Appear Can Delay Relapses
8/15 Benefits of Turmeric for Multiple Sclerosis
8/16 Bobby Bajram Aims To Be the First Multiple Sclerosis Patient to Climb Everest
8/16 NHS is Testing the First Ever Marijuana-Based Vaporizer to Relieve Pain
8/17 How You Can Help Advance MS Research
8/17 CVS Prescription Plan Drops "Big Name" MS Drugs from 2017 Formulary
8/18 Specific Definition of Fatigue in MS May Advance Research
8/19 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
8/22 Struggling With the Invisible Side of MS
8/23 Mixed Results Found About Treatment Adherence Improvement Among MS Patients
8/23 Video Series Helps Guide MS Patients
8/24 Feldenkrais Method Can Help with MS
8/30 What is Clinically Isolated Syndrome?
8/30 EU Regulators Looking at Merck's MS Pill
8/31 Researchers Are Working to Keep MS Patients Upright

July 2016:

7/1 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/1 Coherus' Oral Therapy for Relapsing MS Seen to Reduce Brain Lesions by Half
7/5 E-Nose Opportunity For Health Monitoring
7/5 New Hope for PPMS Treatment; MS Patients Want a Cure, Not a Cause
7/6 Justin Kendell Can't Walk Further Than 500m Because of His MS, But He Sure Can Cycle
7/6 Chronic Lyme Disease Could Be At the Root of MS
7/7 When MS Gets In The Way of Your Plans
7/7 An Artist With MS Turns Her MRI's Into Art
7/8 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/11 Long island Scientist Discovers Alternative Way to Detect MS
7/11 Workings of Cholesterol-Lowering Drug May Be Relevant to MS
7/12 MS Drug May Be Linked to Colorectal & Breast Cancer
7/12 Foods That Are Secretly Making You Sleepier
7/13 Scientists Believe They've Found a Path to a Cure For MS & Diabetes
7/14 A Modern Way To Find Your Caregiver
7/15 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/15 Instinctive Balance Control in MS
7/18 Sunshine Can Cut Blood Pressure and Make You Thinner
7/18 Swimming Lessons For Those with MS
7/19 Beach Wheelchair Allows MS Patients to Enjoy Sand and Water
7/19 Scientists Want to Use Parasitic Worms for MS Treatment
7/20 Brain Foods That Can Help You Concentrate
7/21 Accessible Bicycling for MS Patients
7/21 FES Therapy for MS Patients
7/22 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
7/25 Coloring App is Helping Some MS Patients Relax
7/27 Medication Use in MS Affected By Health Insurance Status
7/28 Can Spinal Trauma Trigger MS?
7/29 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

June 2016:

6/6 Dysphagia Receives New Screening Tool
6/6 Improve Life At Home Post-Hospitalization with This Prototype
6/6 Brain Hemisphere in MS Connections Improved with Ampyra
6/7 FDA Approves Zinbryta
6/7 Walking on Treadmill Can Improve Cognition in MS Patients
6/7 The Fasting Diet Could Ease Your MS Symptoms
6/7 MS Vision Damage Can Be Reversed by Common Over-The-Counter Drug
6/8 Circadian Rhythm and Sleep Pattern Disruption Increases Risk of MS with Shift Work
6/8 Potential MS Gene Could Inspire New Therapies
6/9 Slow Bowel Movement May Be Increasing Fatigue in MS
6/9 Diet and Intestinal Flora Linked with MS
6/10 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/13 New MS Recipe Could "Reverse Disease"
6/13 Genmab Has Plans to begin Phase 3 Trials of Ofatumumab
6/13 First MS Patients in CHANGE-MS Trial Are Said to Receive Novel Treatment
6/14 This Anitoxidant Could Offer Neuroprotection in MS
6/14 Neuroinflammation is Detected in Multiple Sclerosis by PET
6/15 The MS Association of America is Offering Free and Newly Updated Resources to Patients
6/15 Study Finds that Myelination Relies on Mechanical Stimuli Used for Bone Repair
6/16 Tremor in MS is Often Poorly Treated
6/16 Study Finds That MS Patients Sit Too Often
6/17 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/17 Menopause and MS
6/20 Clinical Pilates Can Improve Cognition and Muscle Strength in MS Patients
6/21 Sleep Apnea May Worsen Thinking Problems in MS Patients
6/21 New Risk Genes Associated with MS Have Been Discovered
6/22 Benefits of Reiki for MS Patients
6/22 MS Patients Can Benefit From Reflexology
6/23 Women With H.pylori Could Be At Lower Risk for MS
6/23 The Difference Between MS and NMO
6/24 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
6/24 Don't Stress with MS
6/27 New Drug Developed for the Treatment of MS
6/27 Vitamin D Levels Seen to Only Predict Relapse Rates in Younger MS Patients
6/28 Experimental MS Therapy Undergoes Speedy Review
6/28 Zumba Fitness for MS
6/29 Obesity Linked to Increased Risk of MS
6/29 Increased Risk of Disability Progression in MS Due to High Blood Pressure
6/30 Controlling Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis

May 2016:

5/2 Using Social Media to Your Advantage
5/2 MS Assistive Device: Door Automation
5/3 All-Encompassing MS App is Beginning BETA Testing
5/3 Cryotherapy for MS
5/9 Top Yoga Poses for MS Patients
5/9 Use of Imaging Techniques Allies Scientists to See Myelin Formation
5/10 Update on Pipeline Drug: Zinbryta
5/10 Rebound Effects Found in a Number of MS Patients Who Stopped Fingolimod
5/13 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
5/16 MS Agent Mitoxantrone May Be Linked to Colorectal Cancer
5/16 Acthar Gel Becoming a "Go-To" Treatment for MS Relapses
5/20 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
5/23 Young-Adult Onset Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis Associated with MS
5/26 Phase 2 Trial of TG-1101 is Underway

April 2016:

4/4 Woman With Cerebral Palsy Has Published 4 Books, All Written with Her Feet
4/5 Where You Live Could Be a Risk Factor for MS
4/5 Tracking Retinal Thinning in MS Patients
4/6 Sony Employee Creates PlayStation 4 Controller for Gamer with Cerebral Palsy
4/7 Possible Link Between MS Agent and Shingles
4/7 Lasting Relief From Migraine Headaches
4/8 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
4/13 Study Suggests Zika Virus Linked to Brain Disease
4/13 An Update on MS Pipeline Drug RHB-104
4/14 Underwater Virtual Reality Game Developed to Treat MS
4/14 An Old Antihistamine Demonstrates Myelin Repair in MS Patients
4/18 Higher BMI Indicates Severity in Women's MS
4/22 Switching From Glatiramer Acetate to Fingolimod May Reduce Relapse Rates
4/22 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
4/25 Multiple Sclerosis Assistive Device: Ergonomic Crutches
4/26 Newly Diagnosed with MS? Here Are Some Things to Know
4/26 Tysabri Proven Ineffective in Treating SPMS Patients
4/27 What is Benign Multiple Sclerosis?
4/27 Pipeline Drug MD1003 is Showing Efficacy in Treating Inactive but Progressive MS
4/28 Dealing With the MS Hug
4/29 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

March 2016:

3/1 Using Virtual Reality to Improve Balance in MS Patients
3/1 MS Progression is Not Affected by Number of Pregnancies
3/2 Take Control of Your Weight
3/3 Special Fitness Program for MS Patients Continues to Grow
3/3 MS in Women Said to Lower Food Folate, Vitamin E and Magnesium Levels
3/4 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/4 Drinking 6 Cups of Coffee Can Reduce Risk of MS
3/7 Former NBA Player Brian Grant is a Leading Proponent of Exercise for People with Parkinson's Disease
3/8 Guide to Choosing Orthotics
3/8 Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week
3/9 Multiple Sclerosis & Vision Problems
3/10 Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy Can Lead to MS in Offspring
3/11 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/11 Excess Comorbidity Flagged in MS Patients
3/11 Fighting MS With Use of Smartwatches
3/14 Vibration Therapy Improves Mobility and Strength in Young People with Cerebral Palsy
3/15 Australian Researchers Are Targeting Chronic Inflammation in MS Sufferers
3/15 Pseudobulbar Affect in MS
3/16 New "Smart Shoes" Could Allow MS Patients to Walk Without Falling
3/17 Nike Releases New Shoes for People With Disabilities
3/17 The Cause of Cognitive Deficit in MS
3/18 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/21 The Difference Between MS and Guillain Barre Syndrome
3/21 Potential Side Effects of Multiple Sclerosis Meds
3/22 MS Pipeline Drug: Ibudilast (MN-166)
3/22 Should RRMS Disease Modifying Agents Be Used to Treat SPMS?
3/23 Drugs Meant to Treat Diabetes Having a Positive Effect on MS Patients
3/23 Multiple Sclerosis Assistive Device: Resyone
3/24 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
3/24 Inflammatory Skin Condition Linked to MS in Women

February 2016:

2/2 New MRI Technique Offers Faster MS Diagnosis
2/3 What Exactly is Brain Fog?
2/3 4 Outdated Myths About MS
2/4 MS Patients Who Undergo Infertility Treatments Have Higher Relapse Rates
2/4 Pipeline Drug: Thymosin Beta 4
2/5 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/9 A New Test To Detect Multiple Sclerosis
2/9 Microsoft and Novartis Fight MS Using Kinect
2/10 MS Patients Lack of Ability To Taste Linked To Severity Of Brain Lesions
2/10 An Update On Medical Marijuana Chewing Gum
2/11 Long Term Study on Family and Environment May Predict Who Will Develop MS
2/11 Canadian MS Patient's Family Launches Campaign to Purchase Technology Used by Stephen Hawking
2/12 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/12 New MS Co-Pay Relief Program Adds New Prescription Coverage
2/15 Dealing With Memory Problems Due to MS
2/17 Many MS Patients Are Not Engaging With Specialist Services
2/17 A Trial That Aims to Improve Physical Activity and Lower Fatigue in MS Patients Needs Participants
2/18 FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy for PPMS
2/18 Welcome to the Smart Apartment
2/19 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/19 Best Ways to Exercise With MS
2/22 Battling Bladder Problems
2/22 Wearable Robotic Exoskeleton May Help MS Patients Walk
2/23 Aging Ovaries May Signal Progression of MS
2/23 Staying Mobile with MS
2/24 Boy With Cerebral Palsy Creates Triathlon For Kids With Disabilities
2/25 Tommy Hilfiger Launches Adaptive Collection for Children with Disabilities
2/26 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
2/26 Telling Loved Ones About MS
2/29 MS Gait Analysis Discovers 2 New Markers of Disability and Fatigue
2/29 Shingles May Be Related to an Increased Risk of MS

January 2016:

1/5 Wheelchair Accessible Driving
1/5 MS Trials Have Found More Success Than Other Diseases
1/6 Popular Advertisement Outlines MS Symptoms Using Bicycle as Metaphor
1/7 Leaky Gut Has Been Identified as a Possible Cause of MS
1/7 Yoga Instructor Dedicates Herself to Helping MS Patients
1/8 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/11 Rise in MS Linked to Processed Foods
1/12 MS Symptoms That Factor Into Employment Status
1/12 Cholesterol Lowering Drug May Be Candidate for MS and Parkinson's Treatment
1/13 Stem Cells From Gum Tissue Stopping MS Progression
1/13 Making a Living with MS
1/14 Blood Test Said to Diagnose MS at Onset
1/15 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/15 Best Practices For MS Patients
1/18 The Importance of MS Comfort Dogs
1/18 Stem Cell Therapy for MS Patients Produced "Miraculous" Results
1/19 Alcohol's Effect on MS
1/19 The First Greek Patented Therapy for MS Is a Good One
1/20 Diagnosing MS in Pediatrics
1/21 MS Clinicians Are Partial to an Electronic Patient Management System
1/22 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
1/22 Most Likely Causes of MS Relapses
1/25 How MS Disability is Measured
1/25 Potential MS Stem Cell Therapy Moves Into Phase 2
1/26 Epilepsy Drug May Prevent Nerve Damage in MS
1/26 Speech Issues Due to MS
1/27 Jamie-Lynn Sigler Appears on the Today Show
1/28 The Protein That is Blocking Remyelination in MS
1/29 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

December 2015:

12/1 TED Talk About Living With MS
12/1 Safe Form Of Estrogen Helped MS Patients Avoid Relapse
12/2 Neuro-Pilates Helping Patients with MS & Other Neurological Conditions
12/2 Trigeminal Neuralgia is an Early Symptom of MS
12/3 Purified Cannabidiol Cream Can Help Reduce Inflammation in MS
12/4 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/4 6 Rules of Living With MS
12/7 MS Pipeline Drug: SFX-01
12/7 MS Pipeline Drug: RHB-104
12/8 Vitamin D Could Be Instrumental in Repairing Nerve Damage in MS
12/8 Life Hacks For People With Multiple Sclerosis
12/9 Two New Drugs to Fight MS May Keep Patients Upright
12/10 MS Patients Able to Walk Again Thanks to Miracle Machine
12/10 Assistive Device: Hurrycane
12/11 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/14 Assistive Device: Walkaide
12/15 MS Can Be Triggered By Brain Cell Death
12/17 Olfactory Dysfunction Linked To MS Activity
12/17 Microglial Activation May Contribute to Depression in MS
12/18 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/21 MS Assistive Device: Bracelet Buddy
12/22 Psychosocial Factors Influence Pain in MS
12/22 New RRMS Therapy To Be Tested
12/23 Christmas-Themed Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
12/28 Eye Cells Being Grown May Lead To a Cure For MS Related Blindness
12/28 Revolutionary Brain Treatment Stops MS Related Tremors
12/29 Dalfampridine Treatment Improving Gait & Balance in MS Patients
12/29 How To Deal With a Partner Having MS
12/31 New Year's Eve Themed Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

November 2015:

11/2 New Muscle and Spasticity Therapy Placed on FDA's Fast Track
11/2 MS Patient Able to Walk Again After Taking HIV Drug
11/3 Assistive Device: CaptionCall
11/3 The Use of Microchips is Becoming Normal In MS Studies
11/4 Psychiatric Support Warranted in MS Patients
11/5 Oral Steroids Are On Par With IV Steroids in MS Relapses
11/5 Roche Plans to Launch Data for 9 New Medicines in Next 3 Years; Including An MS Agent
11/6 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/9 Sun Exposure In Younger Years May Delay Onset of MS
11/9 Study Explores Fatigue Management in MS Patients
11/10 National MS Society Will Benefit From Fitbit's Step Challenge
11/10 The Pros and Cons of Smartphone Self-Evaluation for MS Patients
11/11 New Insights May Lead to Therapeutic Approach for MS Treatment
11/11 Study Reveals Protein's Role in MS Activation
11/12 The "Brighter Tomorrow" Grant for MS Patients
11/12 Tai Chi Can Improve an MS Patient's Quality of Life
11/13 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/13 Non-Drug Approach To Improve Memory and Balance in MS Patients
11/16 Optic Neuritis-An Early Sign of Multiple Sclerosis
11/17 The Benefits of Intrathecal Pump Therapy
11/17 A Study Determining If Chocolate Can Ease Fatigue is Being Funded
11/18 Could Remyelination Be Achieved In MS
11/18 A New Tool Helps MS Patients and Doctors Work Together
11/19 Letter To Myself On a Bad Day
11/19 An Experimental Cancer Drug Reduces MS Symptoms
11/20 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/23 Emergency Preparedness
11/24 Boy With Cerebral Palsy Able to Walk Due To Spinal Procedure
11/24 Study: MS Drug Does Not Cause Cancer
11/25 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
11/25 New App Delivers Personalized Cognitive Rehab to MS Patients
11/30 Pomegranate Seed Oil May Inhibit Progress In MS

October 2015:

10/1 Pipeline Drug: Ontinua ER
10/2 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/2 Report: Natalizumab a Safe and Effective Therapy for Pediatric MS
10/5 High Intensity Exercise Improves Muscle Condition in MS
10/5 BICAMS Can Predict Performance of MS Patients in Everyday Activities
10/6 Living with "Drop Foot"
10/7 Avoiding Gluten is Key for MS Patients
10/7 Guided Imagery Intervention Offering MS Patients Respite From Depression and Fatigue
10/8 Study Shows Tecfidera is Strong in Treating RRMS
10/8 Things to Know About Driving with MS
10/9 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/9 How Good Cholesterol Could Impact Your MS
10/13 Tips for MS Caregivers
10/13 Rituximab is Flying Under the Radar
10/14 Solar Powered Chair Allows Disabled Greeks to Swim
10/14 Why Vitamin B-12 is Important to MS Patients
10/15 Dress For Success with MS
10/15 Study: Aubagio is Effective and Safe in Treating RRMS
10/16 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/19 Lesser Known Ways to MS Proof Your Home
10/19 Russia Approves Copaxone Treatment Three Times a Week for RRMS
10/20 MS Views and News to Host 7 Events Before the End of 2015
10/20 Assistive Device: Echo Smart Pen
10/21 The True Cost of Multiple Sclerosis
10/21 Certain Dietary Fats are Causing Auto-Immune Disease Flare-Ups
10/23 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
10/23 Scalp Acupuncture for MS
10/26 Momenta Announces Publication of Two Glatopa Manuscripts
10/26 Report: Canniabis-Derived Sativex Effective & Safe for MS Related Spasticity
10/27 Researchers Discover "B" Cell Depletion Therapy Decreases RRMS Activity
10/27 A Fitness Facility Specifically For Those With Movement Disorders
10/28 Study Determines That 2 Forms of Multiple Sclerosis Exhibit Differences in Cognitive Ability
10/29 Award-Winning Sports Walker Designed by MS Patient
10/29 A Big Stride Towards Blocking the Development of MS
10/30 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

September 2015:

9/1 51-Year-Old MS Patient Acts as Daughter's Surrogate
9/1 Breastfeeding Lowers Multiple Sclerosis Relapses
9/1 Expected Clinical Studies for Cannabinoid Capsules for MS
9/2 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Contributing to Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown
9/2 Maintaining a Social Life with MS
9/2 Migraines and Multiple Sclerosis
9/3 Misdiagnosis and Multiple Sclerosis
9/9 Smoking After A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Can Speed Up The Disease's Progression
9/9 Teens Build an Eye-Controlled Wheelchair From Scratch
9/10 Tips for Newly Diagnosed MS Patients
9/10 Unique MS Center Is Using Music as Treatment
9/11 3 Healthy, Delicious and MS Friendly Recipes
9/11 An Algorithm is Being Developed to Detect MS       
9/14 Occupational Therapy for MS Patients
9/15 New MS Testing Model Can Predict Intensity of Disease
9/16 Assistive Device: Curved Sliding Board
9/16 Aphios Awarded Grant for Cannaboid Production to Produce MS Agent
9/17 Wheelchair-Bound MS Patient Able to Play Golf With Specialized Cart
9/18 3 MS Friendly Recipes to Try This Weekend
9/21 Fighting Over the Thermostat
9/21 A Controversial Cure of MS
9/22 5 Ways to Deal With Noise Intolerance
9/22 Seasonal Melatonin Levels May Limit MS Flare-Ups
9/25 Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes
9/25 Maintaining Intimacy with Multiple Sclerosis
9/28 An Update on Pipeline Drug MD1003
9/29 New MS Drug Could Treat Both Progessive and Relapsing Forms
9/29 A Breakthrough in JC Virus Treatment
9/30 FDA Approves First Auto-Injector for MS Treatment
9/30 TECA Test Being Used to Measure Function in MS Patients
9/30 Study: Eye Movement Reflects Cognitive Dysfunction

August 2015:

8/3 MS Views and News to Host 3 Seminars This Month
8/4 FDA Warns That MS Drug May Cause Brain Infection
8/5 Marijuana for MS: Pros and Cons
8/5 The MS Itch
8/6 Pipeline Drug: Ocrelizumab
8/7 Dance With Your MS
8/7 How a Teen With Cerebral Palsy Became the Inspiration Behind the Nike Flyease Sneaker
8/10 Keeping Cool With MS
8/10 2 New Treatment Models On the Horizon for MS Patients
8/10 Making Your Home Suitable for MS
8/12 Is Your Lack Of Vitamin D Putting You At Risk?
8/12 Can Cinnamon limit MS Symptoms?
8/12 Has Research Proven MS is More Common in Women?
8/13 3 Delicious and Helathy Recipes for Your MS Diet
8/13 Aquatic Exercise and Therapy for MS Patients
8/13 Parenting Tips for MS Patients
8/14 Video Games Might Improve Your MS Symptoms
8/14 Differentiating Aging and MS Progression
8/14 Getting a Good Night's Sleep with MS
8/14 Study Finds Exercise is Beneficial for Children with MS
8/17 4 Things You Might Not Know About MS
8/17 MS Patient Refuses to Quit Barrel Racing
8/17 Multiple Sclerosis Pipeline
8/19 Pipeline Drug: MD1003
8/19 Dice Throwing Test Shows Disability in MS Patients
8/19 Medical Marijuana Chewing Gum
8/19 Stress Induced Exacerbations
8/19 Pipeline Drug: Zinbryta Evaluated by FDA for MS Treatment
8/20 Caffeine in Coffee Found to Reduce Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
8/21 Multiple Sclerosis in the Workplace
8/24 Novartis agrees to Purchase Remaining Rights to Ofatumumab by GSK for Multiple Sclerosis and Other Auto-Immune Diseases
8/24 Telephone Counseling for Exercise
8/25 Delicious MS Recipes
8/26 Off to College with MS
8/28 MS and Birth Control
8/28 3 Fatigue-Fighting Superfood Recipes
8/28 Thinking Positively With MS
8/31 Cognitive Factors Linked to Activity Levels in MS Patients
8/31 Hearing Problems and Multiple Sclerosis
8/31 MS Patients Can Improve Well-Being by Mental Visual Imaging Training

July 2015:

7/20 MS Symptom-Reducing Pregnency Hormone
7/20 How MS Patients Can Benefit From Physical Activity
7/21 Taking Action With MS
7/22 Traveling With MS
7/22 Ways to Relax When Living With MS
7/24 It's Possible Venom From Cone Snails Can Subside Pain and Spasticity   
7/24 Tips For Getting Rid of Brain Fog
7/24 Women with MS are Lacking Vital Nutrients
7/27 Live Better With MS by Improving Your Diet
7/27 Early Warning Signs of MS
7/27 Don’t Let Your Wheelchair Get In The Way of Your Workout
7/29 Brain Games Can Boost MS Memory
7/29 Service Dogs for MS Patients
7/31 5 Lesser-Known Ways to Boost Your Energy
7/31 MS & Depression
7/31 Your Sodium Intake Might Be Increasing Disease Activity in MS