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5 Yoga Poses for MS Patients

April 12, 2017

Yoga, an ancient practice that lives on in the 21st century, could be a new method to help manage your multiple sclerosis (MS). A Rutgers research study has found that practicing yoga can improve balance, walking, coordination, and quality of life after eight weeks in patients with MS. Here are five poses suggested by the Rutgers research team to start your home yoga practice. There are also different variations of the poses, beginner to advanced, which can suit your level in the practice.

Please be aware that you should consult your doctor before beginning your practice. It is also recommended to begin with the easiest version of each pose. Each pose offers a seated variation, and you can work toward the more challenging ones if you excel in your practice. Seated variations can be performed in a wheelchair or a chair placed near a wall. If you are struggling with the poses, it is advised to have someone help you do each pose safely.

  1. Mountain Pose with Overhead Stretch
  2. Forward Bend to Waist Height
  3. Warrior Pose II
  4. Cobra Pose
  5. Twist

See the different variations and how to accomplish each pose here