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6 Tips to Self-Manage Your MS

March 28, 2018

While drug therapies are used to mitigate symptoms in multiple sclerosis, you must also take matters into your own hands in order to overall better your daily life.


Be sure to get enough rest throughout the night and to take naps when needed throughout your day. When living with MS, you will experience plenty of fatigue that will seem to last forever—power through this and make an attempt at avoiding it in general by resting whenever you can.


No crazy exercising needed here—simple, moderate and regular exercise is all you need in order to improve your strength, balance, muscle tone and co-ordination when living with MS. If you know you experience higher body temperature levels or feel uncomfortable doing certain exercises, swimming and other water activities are a great option. Low impact exercises such as walking, yoga, tai-chi, stretching and stationary cycling are also great ways to keep your body moving.

Cool Down

MS symptoms tend to worsen when your body temperature rises, therefore the best thing to do is to make sure you can effectively lower your temperature and cool your body down. You can use devices such as cooling vests or scarves as well as fans. Also be sure to avoid exposure to high heat and high temperatures.

Eat Well

Diets low in saturated fat yet high in omega-3 fatty acids have been found to be extremely beneficial in those with MS. Incorporating foods high in omega-3s as well as vitamins such as vitamin D could offer huge benefits for MS patients.


Stress can exacerbate symptoms of MS, therefore it is extremely important to relax your body and discover what you can engage in to do so. Take up yoga or meditation, go for a massage, or even just practice deep breathing.

Maintain Your Hobbies and Friendships

Stick to your old routine and keep your friends and family close. This will help you enjoy your overall everyday life and make you feel as though nothing has changed at all. Keep engaging in the activities you enjoyed before your diagnosis, even grab a friend and take up a new hobby.