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5 Ways Amazon's Alexa Can Help People With Multiple Sclerosis

July 19, 2017

Alexa has become one of the hottest new technology products. Alexa is Amazon’s talking service that acts as a viral personal assistant. It is voice activated and can do many things for you, such as playing your music playlist, operate other electrical devices, create to-do lists, and help you shop. Alexa has now many different ways that it can benefit multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Here are some of the things that Alexa can benefit you:

  1. As part of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month in March, Alexa was preprogrammed with 50 facts and tips about the condition that people could ask about. Using the command “Alexa, start MS Awareness,” the device will randomly deliver information about MS.

  2. Alexa can help people living with MS by activating other compatible smart devices around their home through commands, like thermostat controls, light switches, televisions, and other electrical items via compatible outlets.

  3. Alexa can read virtual books, which is useful if you have visions problems

  4. Alexa can call a number for you or send a voice message on your behalf

  5. Hands-free music control means that you can just ask Alexa to play your favorite track