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Ann Romney Wants to Get your Brain and Body Fit

June 7, 2017

Ann Romney, former Massachusetts First Lady, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1998. She has teamed up with Maria Shriver’s Move for Minds event at Boston’s Equinox Sports Club to promote brain and body fitness to help others battling with neurologic diseases, and to raise funds for the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. She will lead an intimate panel discussion on the topic with lifestyle and health experts at the event, which will also include a special fitness class aimed at improving the mind and body through cardo workouts and meditation. There will also be a marketplace, where attendees can learn more about brain healthy nutrition. Metro chatted with Romney to learn more about the event and how she used exercise to treat her MS.

Q: The goal of the workout class is to spark neutral activity. How important is exercise when it comes to brain health?

“I found maintaining a regular exercise schedule has been a huge benefit to my health. The class at the event is designed to challenge your brain to figure out and learn new movement patterns to stimulate neuro transmitters in the brain. Enhancing this with cardio vascular exercise either separately or in conjunction, increases oxygen and blood flow supply to the brain, speeding cognitive function.”

Q: How did exercise play a role in your treatment process?

“When first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998, I didn’t have the energy to open the mail much less exercise. After undergoing treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the disease and my symptoms subsided, but I still didn’t feel well. Only through physical activity did I find renewed strength and energy. I had to start slowly but as the days passed, I could do more and more. Exercise made all the difference in my recovery.”