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MS Assistive Device: Ergonomic Crutches

April 25, 2016

Anyone who has had to use crutches for an extended period of time knows how uncomfortable they can be. Now, after 150 years of the same design, they are getting a face lift.

Mobility Designed’s ‘M+D Crutch’ is designed to place more pressure on the elbows, much like platform crutches, and have shock absorbing feet.

The crutches also feature handles for more control, which can be put away for hands-free use. Each M+D Crutch has two flexible armbands that hold them to the user’s arm without strapping them down or locking them in. Their curved design and material allows the user to pull out their forearms easily, but holds them in place when using the M+D Crutches in hands free mode.

The flexible arm straps can be placed together on either side of the arm cradle, or on opposite sides, and can be easily moved along the length of the cradle to fit the user’s personal preference. Moving the flexible arm straps is an easy process that requires no tools. The ‘M+D Crutch’ is adjustable to fit users from 4’7” to 6’8”.

Learn more by watching the video below: