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The Benefits of Home Infusion Care for MS Patients

October 2, 2017

Infusion therapy involves the administration of medication through an intravenous needle or catheter. It is usually prescribed when your condition cannot be effectively treated with medication by mouth.

Traditionally, this treatment method was only done in the hospital. But now, this service can take place in the comfort of your home, giving you more time with family and friends and less time at the hospital.

If you and your trusted clinician decide that infusion therapy is right for your care, the first thing you should do is set yourself up with home infusion care. The intrathecal pump has been used for years to relieve severe spasticity and chronic pain. For over twenty years, Basic Home Infusion has been managing intrathecal pumps in patient’s homes. Our nurses have extensive knowledge of the pump, medications, and potential complications to ensure that the patient has the best possible outcome. Located on the left navigation bar you will find resources and education to assist you in understanding the therapy and the pump itself.

The benefits of having Basic Home Infusion as part of your care are immeasurable. Our Registered Nurses are highly skilled and bring their clinical expertise to your home. Their goal is to help you gain knowledge and understanding of the implanted pump system. Our services enable our patients to vacation, travel, work, and be actively involved in their lives.

How many times have you called a healthcare facility to ask a question only to speak to an automated system? This will not happen at Basic Home Infusion. From our receptionist to our pharmacists, we will always have time to speak with our patients. This dedication to our patients is what sets us apart from many healthcare organizations today.

Basic Home Infusion will always make decisions with the best outcome in mind when working with our patients.