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Breathing Exercises for MS

September 6, 2016

Something that comes second nature, like breathing may not seem like a big deal, even to MS patients. However, studies have shown that can significantly relieve some of the problems MS patients can encounter on a daily basis. After learning the basic technique, they can begin to incorporate it into regular breathing.

It is a fact that nobody really takes full advantage of their respiratory system  Yoga breathing exercises can soon become part of our regular day. Breathing right with one full yoga breath is a building block for powerful breathing techniques and can contribute greatly to our health and well-being.

These breathing exercises are done in a relaxed mode, inhaling as much as possible and exhaling until there is no air left:

Complete Breath- Deep breathing connects the physical with the mental, releases stress and reduces muscular tensions. Do this from a seating position. There are varieties for the complete breath, but the basic principle is to inhale and exhale as completely as possible. During the process, you're exercising your entire respiratory system including the airways, lungs and respiratory muscles. Realize that breathing includes several sections of your body between the collarbone and the diaphragm. Muscles near the lungs expand and contract (tighten) to allow breathing.

Alternate Nostril Breathing- The second type close one nostril, breathe into the other, slowly, wait for a short time, perhaps counting to eight. The next step is to close the other nostril and breathe out. Some people prefer not to hesitate between the two nostrils. While methods vary, deep breathing is still a beneficial part of the exercise as much as the balance and calmness afforded by alternating nostrils.

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