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This is How MS Symptoms Are Relieved by Cannabis

August 10, 2016

With a disease like multiple sclerosis, pain is usually spread throughout the entirety of the body. As studies have shown, cannabis-based medicine does not have any serious side effects. When it comes to treating MS symptoms, another study found that it was a whole lot more effective than the placebo used.

Along with relieving general pain symptoms, cannabis use led to a halt to things like incontinence and urinary urgency issues. Bowel problems come along as another symptom of MS, about half of MS patients suffer from constipation, therefore increasing a loss of an appetite. Being known for giving users “the munchies” this comes in handy for those experiencing a loss of appetite, the patients can as a result give their body the required nutrients they need in order to stay healthy.

Cannabinoids give the body the ability to combat inflammation, which is essential in a disease like MS as the mode of attack is an inflammatory response. Some of these cannabinoids also help protect neurons; this is added protection to the brain and spinal cord.

Last but not least, the most effective use cannabis has on MS would be for the infamous muscle spasms experienced with the disease. The study conducted showed that cannabis was actually twice as effective in reducing spasticity as the placebo used. Also making users feel sleepy, cannabis can aid MSers in getting well rested therefore reducing fatigue, another huge symptom of the autoimmune disease.