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Free Yourself From Fascia!

December 21, 2017

If you suffer from multiple sclerosis you’ve probably heard of the “MS hug”. The MS hug causes a feeling of extreme tightness and pain in places like the arms, legs or the trunk of the body. Some describe the sensation as a feeling of “thick rubber bands” constricting parts of the body. Instead of tight muscles, the cause of this pain could also be tight fascia.

According to Dr. Christiane Northrup, fascia is “made up of densely packed collagen fibers that wrap around each of your internal organs and connect them to your muscles and bones. It is responsible for stabilizing your entire body and giving you your human form.” Fascia is often referred to as a cobweb for holding in your organs, ligaments and muscles in place.

Keep that fascia flexible!

Experts give suggestions on how to keep fascia flexible and lessen your pain. Hydration is the first step, this ensures your muscle tissue is lubricated and pliable. Keep yourself moving throughout the day, don’t sit in one place for a long time as thiscan cause your muscles to get stuck in one position, only causing you more pain.

Some other great ways to keep your fascia flexible is to incorporate gentle stretches into your daily routine. Start by stretching your arms and legs from side to side when getting out of bed in the morning and warming up before you exercise; these warm ups could be anything from arm swings to shoulder rolls.

You can also use products like a Fasciablaster or a foam roller; you can always ask your physical therapist, massage therapist or physiatrist for a proper demonstration of these. Getting a good massage would also be extremely helpful, a specific type of massage like Rolfing would be best, as it is a particular type of deep tissue massage that is focused on fascia and connective tissue.