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MS Patient Able to Walk Again After Taking HIV Drug

November 2, 2015

Shana Pezaro had resigned to the fact that she would be in a wheelchair for the remainder of her life. After a health scare that had her thinking she may have contracted HIV, she was given the drug. Thankfully she ended up not being found as HIV positive, and over the month long period that she took the medicine, she noticed an improvement in her symptoms.

Her discovery is now being used as part of a clinical trial investigating the link between MS and HIV and the drugs used to treat them. Ms. Pezaro is still adamant that this drug did not cure her, but hopes that it can lead to something greater.

She said: “The medication certainly wasn't a miracle cure and I still had MS. Every person has a different story so I really hope that the trial and research coming from my experience will provide some insight into what causes the condition. Perhaps there are many different causes requiring different treatments and I stumbled across an effective medication for one of them. Maybe I was a total one-off and this medication isn't the answer and simply doesn't provide the clue we need, but maybe, just maybe, my experience could help to provide an effective treatment for us in the near future.”

During this month long trail, she was able to walk short distances and even climb small flights of stairs, but “…once I stopped taking the drug the symptoms returned.” An MS Society spokeswoman said: “Our growing understanding tells us that viruses have a role to play in multiple sclerosis and it will be interesting to see the trial results - positive findings mean another step on the road to beating MS.”