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MS Assistive Device: Myobuddy

August 31, 2017

Myobuddy Products has enlisted a rising fitness star to help it publicize its new Myobuddy Massager Pro, a massaging device that can help anyone from an elite athlete to a person with a muscle condition such as multiple sclerosis.

Dakota Rager, who qualified for the national Reebok CrossFit Games competition, is a former Army diver who beat out more than 200,000 men in several regional competitions this year. CrossFit is a workout regimen aimed at improving the body’s normal functional movements.

The Massager Pro takes a multi-pronged massaging approach, including vibration, heat and percussion therapy, or applying tension to the body. The device’s benefits including soothing sore muscles and helping relax tight fascia, or connective tissue surrounding muscles.

Myobuddy started an MS Support Program in May to encourage MS patients to try massage therapy and to advance research on the approach.

The company said some MS patients report that the Massage Pro helps them sleep better by alleviating their restless leg syndrome. They also report that it relieves muscle tension and fatigue, it added.

Myobuddy’s website includes information on how to use the Massage Pro for any muscle group. Those with questions can get answers by emailing info@myobuddy.com or calling (844) 696-2833.