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Israel's Grabski MS Center

August 9, 2016

Located in the northern city of Migdal HaEmek, The Grabski Center treats people with multiple sclerosis, they are known for using cutting-edge innovations. Combining the cognitive and physical capabilities of people with MS, it is the only place in the world doing this in order to slow down the body’s deterioration as a result of the autoimmune disease.

The center’s director, Kobi Visel, explained to Breaking Israel News that most MS treatment clinics as well as other assisted living centers strive to give their patients “a good time.” 46 residents at The Grabski Center enjoy nourishing their bodies with physical activities. The center not only illuminates these residents, but it is also becoming a ‘light unto the nations’.

The music program at the center is one that is highly praised, residents here create music through the use of laser technology and their personal body movements, even if they are limited to the movements they can make. The residents can compose and play music through the advanced technology.

Visel briefly described the system to Breaking Israel News: “Hi-tech sensors and video screens enable individuals and groups to make incredible music through the movement of even a single finger or by use of their brain waves by wearing a specially designed EEG helmet.” Visel said the therapy system was designed specifically for The Grabski Center, but people from all over the world are paying them a visit to learn a bit more from them.

There is a one-to-one staff-to patient ratio at The Grabski Center and every single one of them have a clear understanding that working at the center is more than just a job. “The first order of the day at Grabski is simcha [joy],” shared Visel with Breaking Israel News. “For both patient and employees, happiness is mandatory. Therefore, we do everything we can to make people happy and productive as we know that therapies combined with joy reaps enormous benefits.”

Everyone receives an individualized treatment plan at The Grabski Center in order to improve their quality of life. Residents are also regularly involved in psychotherapy, physiotherapy, academic learning, art, ceramics, horticulture and crafting products for sale (these revenues go directly to Grabsky residents).