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MS Assistive Device: SafeGait 360

August 3, 2017

SafeGait 360 Balace and Mobility Trainer might be a device you’ll want to try. It aids individuals with balance and gait through training exercises. The device provides a rail system, an actuator, a strap and spreader bar, a harness, and a software management kit to facilitate 1:1 interactions between therapists and patients to help patients regain their independence. The device was created by Gorbel Medical. The company works with individual centers to set up rehabilitation systems for the centers’ patients. They have a facility called The Gaitway Center, which was designed as a conference and education space.

There are other complimentary devices to the SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility. The SafeGait ACTIVE Dynamic Mobility Trainer was designed as a complementary system to the SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility Trainer to protect both patients and their therapists during fall management exercises. The company’s other device, the SafeGait EMBRACE Rehabilitation Harness, was designed to be a more comfortable harness for use during fall management. Ordinary harnesses may ride up into uncomfortable places on the body, but the SafeGait EMBRACE is padded and provides support in alternative areas of the body.