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The Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

December 4, 2017

Exercise is important for everyone, especially for MS patients. It can improve balance, improve sleep, reduce pain, help with depression and overall enhance the quality of life for MS patients. With symptoms including chronic fatigue, finding the time and energy to fit in driving to the gym can be difficult and put a dent in your workout time.

There are endless fitness apps that give you the opportunity to exercise anytime and anywhere you want. Some apps that are also specifically designed for those to use at all fitness levels and motor abilities, like CPF Challenge (http://mashable.com/2017/03/20/disability-fitness-app-cpf-challenge/#EvTJPkrntOqX). Although, the downside with using apps is that you don’t get the personal touch of things like you normally would. Not necessarily the motivation, encouragement or guidance that you would normally get at a gym or from a personal trainer.

An alternative to this is a virtual personal trainer, where an app is used in order to deliver, monitor, track and modify personalized workouts. This operates through an app called Trainerize that monitors workouts. Some other benefits of virtual training include working out at your own convenience, exercising at home, receiving personal consultations, being able to modify workout routines, reviewing videos and text instructions at your own pace, uploading photo and body statistics, receiving personalized motivation and encouragements and of course, saving money.

There are also other ways in which one could partake in virtual personal training through platforms like Skype, companies like iBodyFit or something smaller like A Fitness Project. It would also be best to look for trainers that specifically understand MS or those that have worked with people of various motor abilities that are comfortable with making modifications to exercises.