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MS Walking Scale Benchmarks Identified

January 11, 2017

Researchers have identified clinically meaningful 12-item Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale (MSWS) benchmarks, which define 4 groups differentiated by increasing levels of mobility impairment and associated loss of functional independence, according to a recent study.

The cross-sectional study consisted of 159 MS patients; identified 12-MSWS benchmarks were then validated in a second population of 96 subjects using measures of ambulation, cognition, and patient-reported outcomes.

Researchers found:

  • A 12-MSWS score of 0–24.99 was associated with working outside the home and assistance-free mobility; 25–49.99 was associated with gait disability and difficulty doing housework; 50–74.99 was associated with unemployment, government healthcare, cane use, and difficulty performing instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs); and 75–100 was associated with change in occupation due to walking, mobility impairment requiring bilateral assistance, and inability to perform IADLs.

  • During the validation step, strong linear associations were identified between 12-MSWS benchmarks and other MS-related disability outcome measures, including ambulatory and non-ambulatory measures.