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MS Assistive Device: STIMuSTEP

October 27, 2016

The Finetech Medical's STIMuSTEP system is an active implantable medical device that uses functional electrical stimulation (FES) to help correct dropped foot condition.  The system delivers small electrical pulses to the nerves that supply the paralyzed muscles.  This allows independent control of dorsiflexion (lifting the foot) and eversion (rotate ankle to the correct position), which correcting the abnormal movement of the affected foot during the swing phase of gait.

The benefits of MS patients using the STIMuSTEP include:

  • Easy to walk
  • Lesser chance of falling
  • Walk faster and farther
  • Improve ankle and joint stability
  • Better quality of life

How it works

The external Controller is positioned over the site of the Implant Receiver using the Leg Strap.  The Footswitch is placed under the heel of the foot inside the shoe and plugged into the Controller.

  1. When the heel leaves the floor, the Footswitch triggers the Controller to transmit power and control signals, through the skin, to the Implant Receiver.
  2. The Implant Receiver converts the received power and control signals into electrical signals which are then sent along the Cooper Cables (E) to the Electrodes (F).
  3. These signals stimulate the two branches of the common peroneal nerve causing the combination of muscles to contract appropriately, thus lifting and rotating the foot to the correct position for walking.

The Controller stops the stimulation when the Footswitch senses that the heel has struck the ground again.