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How You Can Help Advance MS Research

August 17, 2016

New studies are constantly conducted by researchers around the world, but it the patients that allow for this research to be discovered. Without participants, those with MS as well as those without, research would come to a halt.


People with multiple sclerosis, and sometimes family members can volunteer for clinical trials or other studies. One could respond to surveys and can share their voices and ideas through organizations that accumulate submitted information through iConquerMS and NARCOMS. They can also donate DNA from blood samples, saliva samples, or arrange for brain or spinal cord donations to tissue banks.

Before getting involved do make sure to become educated on the possible benefits and risks that come along with them.

You can also get involved with a variety of MS related events such as Walk MS, Bike MS and support event participants. Advocating for MS and taking action in this way is also very useful, as is raising awareness and connecting with others to inform others of the autoimmune disease. Then of course, if you have the means, a donation to support research for a cure could help more than you think.