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MS Sufferers Having to Wait for Treatment Due to Absence of Medication

August 10, 2016

Multiple sclerosis patients have been made to wait for a specific treatment prescribed by their doctor because the medication is currently not available.

Sandra Apap, for example, is a 41-year-old MS patient that has been suffering from the disease’s symptoms since she was 15 and has tried several different treatments for the condition. These medications were not effective and she was diagnosed at 23.

Recently, Apap’s doctor advised her to stop her current treatment. Soon after finding out that her condition had been deteriorating quickly she was prescribed Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate). Ever since June when she began this medication she has been struggling. Apap said, “I was told I will have to wait for months because the medication won’t be available before November.”

Another MS patient, similar to Ms. Apap, was instructed to stop his treatment that was deemed ineffective by his doctor and to switch to dimethyl fumarate as well. Mr. De Gabriele was told he had to wait until September to receive his new medication because it was controlled by a quota.

Sandra Apap says she lives in fear of losing her mobility every day and added that it is “unjust, unfair and inhumane”.

“Since the introduction of this expensive medicine just over a year ago, the number of patients placed on it has exceeded the predicted consumption.” Said a Health Ministry spokeswoman, she continued saying, “The Health Ministry has therefore given instructions to increase the amounts procured, and the department is currently going through the tendering and negotiation process to procure additional supplies of dimethyl fumarate.”