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The MS Association of America is Offering Free and Newly Updated Resources to Patients

June 15, 2016

The MS Association of America is a national nonprofit organization located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and they have just announced that they are offering three recently published resources for the MS community. You can find the publications for free in both print and [online]. The MSAA offers many other helpful services for MS patients as well.


The Motivator, MSAA’s magazine is an up-to-date source of information and encouragement for those with multiple sclerosis, their caregivers, family members and medical professionals. Included in this magazine are articles on the more recent MSAA program initiatives, ‘Ask the Doctor’ Q&As and inspirational stories.

The MS Research Update 2016 edition provides various studies and results as well as clinical trials with different available MS treatments. Discussions of future research are also focused on in the publication as well as issues such as stem-cell treatments, disease biomarkers and gut microbiota.

The MSAA has also updated their educational booklet called, How to S.E.A.R.C.H. for the Right MS Therapy for You! This informative booklet provides patients with the latest information and tools to aid them through their MS. It helps them and their families work with their doctors in selecting which disease-modifying therapy is right for them.

Educational Programs:

Those a part of the MS community can connect and learn from leading MS healthcare professionals through the educational programs offered by the MSAA. Participants in the program are able to receive information in an easy conversation-like format that encourages open dialogue and leaves time for a Q&A period.

Equipment Distribution Program:

The MSAA Equipment Distribution Program offers patients assistive tools and devices that are useful for safety, mobility and independence purposes. These products include things such as grab bars and mobility devices like walkers and wheelchairs.

Cooling Products Distribution Program:

The MSAA Cooling Program offers different cooling vests and accessories for adults and children diagnosed with MS. As many of those with MS experience sensitivity to heat, wearing a cooling vest over clothing can help alleviate problems with overheating. The MSAA also offers smaller products at no charge to clients, these products are small enough to wear under clothing and can help with cooling areas like the neck, wrists and ankles.