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Lesser-Known Ways to "MS-Proof" Your Home

October 19, 2015

Many patients with MS know the basic things they need to do to make their life easier: move items to waist level, install grab bars, install a ramp if need be, etc. Here are some lesser known tips that have made many patients lives much more efficient and easy:

Always have chairs nearby- You’ll never know where you may get tired and feel the urge to take a seat. Chairs in the bathroom and kitchen area will also allow you to wash-up, prepare food or cook while sitting down. A chair in the hall is always a good idea, too. Think of it as giving yourself options.

Keyless entry- You won’t know what to do with the time you save by not fumbling around with your keys! In all seriousness, a keypad or even a remote open will make it much easier to get in and out, especially in the cold weather. In this day and age there are many options like this out there, so place a call to a locksmith and see what option best suits you.

Don’t use glasses often- Plastic cups and plates that won’t break when dropped are easily the best choice. Keep the glasses and the fine china around for company, but aside from a special occasion the plastic is easier and low-risk. Who wants to clean up a shattered glass or plate anyway? You can even go a step further and use paper plates and cups on a tired day, in order to avoid doing the dishes at all.

Watch the wattage on your lightbulbs- To most, a lightbulb is just a lightbulb. However it is important that every bulb is checked and changed often. Having lightbulbs shining dimly could accelerate the loss of vision and cognitive ability. Lightbulbs should be at least 100 watts.

Attach a basket to a rope- Obviously this goes for 2-story houses only. It may seem basic and old fashioned, but if you find yourself needing something random from another floor, it is way easier to toss a basket down by rope than trek up/down the steps. It will make life easier for your caregiver as well.