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The No-Gym Workout

June 5, 2017

Get fit at home! You don’t need machines at the gym to workout. Your own body weight and gravity can do the job, and you’ll be able to work out in the comfort of your home. I have listed 5 moves that you can try out. Make sure to check with you doctor first and if something hurts, stop your routine.

Wood Chop

You’ll need a band for this exercise. You attach it overheard and pull down to the opposite hip, rotating slightly. You start with your feet hip-with apart and knees slightly bent.


You can buy a cheap chin-up bar to place anywhere in the top of a door frame. Pull-ups are great for your back and arm muscles. Turning the palms away from you works more the back muscles, while having the palms facing you targets the back muscles and biceps.

Wide Grip Push-Up

A wide grip makes the chest muscles work a little harder. When you think about gripping the ground with your hands, you’ll be able to engage the large muscles of the pectoralis major.

Jump Squat

A little more heat-building than a regular squat, you must jump in the air and sink back into a squat. Make sure your knees don’t pass your toes!

Chair Dip

This move tones the back of your arm muscles, or triceps. You can use the edge of a step or chair with your palms on each side of you as you lower to floor.