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Sony Employee Creates PlayStation 4 Controller for Gamer with Cerebral Palsy

April 6, 2016

A gamer with Cerebral Palsy hailing from South Amboy, NJ is finally able to enjoy his PS4 games “pause-free”. 21-year-old Peter Byrne says that he has a special love for video games. After all, it is thought that playing video games has neurological, psychological and cognitive benefits. However, he noticed that he had a hard time using the controller for the PlayStation 4 due to the touchpad in the center of the controller.

The touchpad is a new feature for any gamer. It is a large, very sensitive pad in the center of the controller making it easy for gamers to pause to game quickly. However, Peter would often accidentally pause the game while playing because of his lack of hand dexterity.

Byrne says that two weeks ago he finally decided to contact Sony to let them know about his concerns.

“I wrote my email. Then the next day, [PlayStation employee] Alex Nawabi got in contact with me,” says Byrne. Nawabi told Byrne that he was going to take on the matter personally and not on behalf of PlayStation. On Tuesday, Byrne received a package from Nawabi.

“Inside was the letter and this controller that is now modified especially for me,” Byrne says. “He said that it’s the first time he’s ever done something like this.”

The modified version of the PlayStation 4 controller took about 10 hours of labor to build. It’s similar to the regular controller, but the touchpad is disabled and an additional button was added to take the place of it.

“He did more than I ever expected,” Byrne says.