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RMS Patient on Ocrevus Experiences Positive Results

April 13, 2017

Pamela Arterbridge, one of the 70 people at Ohio State University’s Multiple Sclerosis Center, participated in the open-label part of a clinical trial for ocrelizumab (Ocrevus). She has been experiencing positive results since being on the new FDA-approved drug.

She has had three infusions of Ocrevus, and she claims to be feeling much better. The symptoms that used to cause her great pain had lessened since being on the drug. She has been on other MS drugs, to which weren’t much of a success. She used drugs that required injections through needles. She claimed that she experienced huge bruises and site reactions that caused a burning pain. She had even went to the ER because of the side effects of these drugs.

Her doctor offered a trial drug, Ocrevus, which she was hesitant about. She eventually agreed, still afraid of what might to come being on the drug, but found the results to be positive. She claims to have had no problems with the drug so far, and now feels great. However, she says that she experiences odd sensations here and there in her leg and feet, but she can ignore them because they are not as intense as they were before.

Overall, she is super excited that the FDA has approved Ocrevus and believes that other people can try this drug to benefit their lives.