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MS Pipe Dreams: Dealing With Urinary Tract Infections

July 27, 2017

One symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS) is UTI, or urinary tract infection. Anyone who uses a catheter is prone to a higher incidence of this symptom. MS patient John Connor submitted a diary entry about his UTI experiences on Multiple Sclerosis News Today. UTIs are so regular for him that he’s had to purchase his own testing kit. This saves him from sending a sample and allows him to get an immediate jump on the infection. He states that UTIs don’t always affect him, but he knows he has one. He could usually function, until one of his most recent UTIs. The infection made his body rigid and that he was in a lot pain. His right arm locked up, and he could sit upright, but there was no lateral movement.

Connor writes about what he did to try to prevent another painful episode. He also notes, “MS may not kill us, but UTIs might. I’ve read about a few cases in the U.S. of antibiotic-resistant UTIs. It’s something any of us using catheters need to be aware of.” His UTIs led him to trying the NutriBullet, which he hysterically writes where one of the drinks he made was a “very shady green.” He also suggests marijuana, which is supposedly good for spasms. He has tried it before, but doesn’t enjoy smoking it anymore, and is “very wary of making cookies or cakes with it.” He tells a funny story where he had a large amount of brownies, got the munchies, and “then spent hours incapacitated and really, really, bored.” In the end, Connor explains that he just stuck with his NutriBullet. It worked, and he concludes that his arm feels better than it has for years.