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Pipeline Drug: ABT-555

November 30, 2016

AbbVie is currently involved in researching investigational therapy ABT-555 for neuroprotection and neuroregeneration in patients suffering with nervous system conditions such as multiple sclerosis. ABT-555 aims to cure the root cause of this disease.

According to AbbVie’s Research & Development transcript (simply register to view):

“When the nervous system is injured either by MS or by spinal cord injury, there’s an increase in a protein called RGMa, Repulsive Guidance Molecule a. This is expressed on the surface of cells and it actually inhibit axonal regrowth and remyelination. ABT-555 binds RGMa and blocks it’s effect, enabling axonal regeneration and remyelination to occur.”

ABT-555 has managed to demonstrate efficacy in neuroprotection and neuroregeneration in preclinical models. The drug is expected to be explored in clinical trials for MS before the end of 2016. The drug will also be studied as a therapy for spinal cord injury next year.