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Get Rid of That Post Stroke Spasticity for Good

November 27, 2017

One of the most common side effects after having a stroke is spasticity. While some suggest Botox will fix some of that post stroke spasticity, there are a ton of other treatments that are more effective and permanent. 

Spasticity is actually caused by miscommunication between your brain and your muscles, your brain tells your muscles when to contract and relax by continuously sending out messages. The problem is that when a stroke occurs, the part of the brain that is responsible for this communication becomes impaired, therefore, it cannot communicate with your muscles in order and inform them to contract and relax. As a result of this, your muscles keep themselves in a continual state of contraction in order to protect themselves.

The second layer to spasticity is also caused by miscommunication from your spinal cord. The spinal cord takes over as the communicator. Since the brain can no longer be reached from the spinal cord, this part of your body’s main priority is to prevent your muscles from tearing, as it doesn’t know how to exactly operate all of the muscles.

You can ease the spasticity in your now-still muscles by solutions such as locally administered drugs, or something more permanent like neuroplasticity. It rewires your brain in a way that can help you control your affected limbs. This also involves constantly repeating your rehab exercises in order to better the spasticity in your muscles. You should also be taking part in things like electrical stimulation, constraint-induced movement therapy, robot-assisted rehab and brain stimulation. In order to maximize the benefits of these methods, make sure you utilize a high number of repetitions.

If you can’t move your muscles at all, you should try passive exercise, mirror therapy or visualization. Once again, it is imperative that you practice repetition with these methods for paralyzed muscles in order to see better results.

By staying focused and repeating these therapeutic methods, you can eventually improve your spasticity for good and have long-lasting benefits, as many stroke survivors have had.