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Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

September 1, 2017

As is customary, every Friday we will provide you with 3 easy to prepare MS friendly recipes to try this coming weekend!

Cheesy Egg Muffins

Since I knew egg muffins with no fillings would probably collapse upon themselves, I searched the interwebs for cheesy egg muffin recipes with some heft. I found a really tasty looking recipe on Cheeseslave for bacon, egg, & cheese muffins with coconut flour. Since my little bugger requested no meat, I modified the recipe a little by omitting the bacon(!), subbing in Greek yogurt for the bacon grease (I know it’s not EVEN the same), adding an extra egg, and decreasing the oven temperature a little.


Grilled Pork with Basil Rub

Does anything smell more like high summer than fresh, newly-crushed basil? Even without a ripe tomato as its partner-in-crime, basil brings an irresistible herbal flavor (not to mention a mouthwatering smell!) to these pork chops, in the form of a quick and simple wet rub. https://paleoleap.com/grilled-pork-basil-rub/

Fruity Sweet Potato Salad

Try this recipe: grapes and apples add that juicy crunch to balance out the mayo, and the occasional sliver of red onion livens everything up with a contrasting sharp flavor.