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Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

October 6, 2017

As is customary, every Friday we will provide you with 3 easy to prepare MS friendly recipes to try this coming weekend!

Fall Vegetable Salad

Winter vegetables are delicious, but sometimes they can get a little heavy – after all, it’s still warm out some days and you don’t always want a big hearty plate full of cinnamon-roasted squash.


Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are such a classic treat, and this version is Paleo approved. Start by making a simple almond-flour crust. While it sets in the oven, combine eggs, lemon juice, honey, coconut flour, and lemon zest in a food processor. Pour the mixture over the now-golden crust and bake.


Turkey-Stuffed Bell Peppers

This well-seasoned entree is so tasty, you won’t even miss having real cheddar cheese. Round out the meal with a salad or a side of rice.