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Why People with MS Don't Report Relapses

November 28, 2017

According to researchers, most multiple sclerosis patients don’t inform their practitioners about their relapses, which could potentially create serious health problems for them. Around 60 percent of MS sufferers do not always report their relapses to their doctor.

There is a difference between relapses in MS patients, some are minor and short lasting while others can be distressing and last for months at a time.
Relapses can actually be a sign of progression. They can also cause other problems such as economic burdens on those suffering from the disease since it limits their ability to work, enhances their disabilities and increases medical costs.

Relapses occur at a faster rate than people think and they can be unpredictable.

The majority of patients did not reach out to their practitioner about their relapses was due to the fact that they didn’t believe their relapses were severe enough. Though Dr. Jamie Imitola, director of the Progressive MS Clinic at The Ohio State University said, “Patients need to know how to define a relapse based on their own personal experience.”