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Canada Cohort to Launch a Research MS Progression

April 13, 2017

Canada, where the world’s highest rate of progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) lives, goes forth with a new cohort study on progressive MS. Three Canadian units—Biogen Canada, MS Society of Canada, and Brain Canada—have collaborated to launch a MS progression cohort in Canada. This $7 million nationwide MS Progression Cohort plans to investigate some of the biggest challenges to curing progressive MS. The cohort will also study the triggers of progression, how to detect them, and how they affect individuals.

The Canadian MS Progression Cohort also plans to study the progression mechanisms in MS that are not wholly understood today. Their aim is to study the biological, physical, and socioeconomic perspectives, and individual experiences of patients living with MS. The overall goal of the cohort is to connect biological and clinical findings to understand progressive MS and what it’s like to live with the disease.

This is the first MS progression study to be conducted in Canada. Its hope is to understand how MS is treated and how it’s diagnosed. Researchers also hope that it will answer many questions MS patients have about the disease and the progression.