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Ways to Minimize the Risk of Stroke

June 11, 2018

Knowing the signs and seeking early treatment can lessen damage caused by a stroke, or prevent them altogether.

There is an Advantage to Knowing the Signs- A stroke is caused by a clot or a bleed in the brain. It quarter of strokes occur in people under 65, and the damage caused ranges from minimal changes picked up on a scan, through to loss of speech, difficulty finding words and loss of power down one side of the body or face. Up to a fifth of strokes are fatal. Prompt diagnosis and treatment means a better outcome.

Monitor your Blood Pressure- High blood pressure is an important risk factor that needs to be checked and treated often. A blood pressure monitor isn’t too expensive and you should let your GP know if readings are consistently over 140/90. Lifestyle changes and, if necessary, medication work for most.

No More Smoking- The more you smoke, the greater the risk, so if you can’t quit, at least cut down. If you do manage to quit, your risk of stroke will be that of a never-smoker within five years.

Via The Guardian