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What Triggers Your Sensory Overload?

June 13, 2017

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience many different symptoms. People often associate MS with the overt physical symptoms only, leaving out the many others that aren’t overt at all. One of them is sensory overload. When surrounded by too much noise, exposed to too many visual stimuli, or put in new or loud environments, many MS patients report experiencing confusion, fatigue, and pain. Healthline asked their MS community on Facebook what their triggers for sensory overload are. Here was what some of them said:

“I get overwhelmed with too much background noise, especially if someone is trying to talk to me. And with two small kids, there is always background noise!” — Brandi M., living with MS

“Noise in closed areas, such as parties, classrooms, malls, stores, etc. As long as I can leave the environment, I will be OK.” — Esther D., living with MS

“Large crowds. Bright big stores. Sometimes I go to the store, walk in, say ‘nope,’ and go home.” — Bonnie W., living with MS

“Being away from home too long. I get very anxious.” — Sherri H., living with MS

“Being tired can trigger it, real bright lights, a lot of motion, lights, and noise at the same time, trying to listen and talk in a setting with other input.” — Kelly H., living with MS

“In restaurants, I request not to be seated directly under a speaker. Music, combined with people's voices and kitchen clatter, drives me crazy.” — Connie R., living with MS

“Being in a crowd or a loud room where I'm unable to tune some of the noise out. Hustling and bustling crowds are the worst between the sounds, the people, and my balance issues.” — Cindi P., living with MS

“Going to the grocery store, being tired, the doctors telling me too much all at once, restaurants, people who don’t control their screaming, running kids.” — Stacy N., living with MS

Via Healthline