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Welcome to the Smart Apartment

February 18, 2016

Making the trip to visit the “Smart Apartment” at Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstraw, NY will open your eyes to cutting edge technology that is put together in a home-like setting. The Smart Apartment is an interactive model that replicates a typical home, but with one very important difference: it is equipped with an array of assistive technology that enables individuals with disabilities to control their surroundings.

With a simple blink of an eye, the apartment user can turn on the lights, open/close the blinds, write a message or video chat with friends or family. The TV, temperature and even the toilet is voice operated. This apartment has the ability to make a once out of touch world seem within reach again.
It consists of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath and laundry area; all of which are equipped to be universally accessible and loaded with high and low-tech modifications. The integrated technology can help individuals with all levels of disability. The model environment allows physical, occupational, and speech therapists, as well as assistive technologists, to work with patients one-on-one, identifying and customizing the most appropriate technology to meet the individual’s goals.

A user has the ability to customize and change:

  • Emergency Alert/Alarm
  • Bed Positioning
  • TV mount/Tilt
  • Computer Access
  • Entertainment System
  • Phone
  • Outdoor Camera

The smart apartment utilizes tablets, iPads, Smartphones and PC. No matter their preference, a user is one press of a button away from:

  • Intercom
  • Lift System
  • Closet Rod/lift system
  • Roll-in Shower Access
  • Access to Kitchen and Laundry

No matter what the user’s limitations may be, the smart apartment takes pride in the fact that it has a method that works. It can use direct selection by hand, or hands-free via: voice recognition, head movement or even eye-tracking! To get a visual introduction to the facility view the video above.