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"Something On Our Minds" – A Book for Those with MS by Those with MS

February 26, 2018

A writer’s group, “We Write for the Fight,” composed of those with multiple sclerosis wrote “Something On Our Minds”, the most recent volume has just been published, titled “Something On Our Minds: Anthology of Multiple Sclerosis Writings (Volume 4).”
Each volume of “Something On Our Minds” contains a unique and diverse collection of essays and poems, letting readers in on the lives and minds of fellow MSers. Each section of the book is devoted to a specific theme, the themes covered are topics ranging from managing relationships to adapting to change.







Besides providing you with excellent reading material and something to do in your downtime, all of the proceeds from “Something On Our Minds” go directly to a small nonprofit organization founded by a person with MS, called the Accelerated Cure Project.

In a variety of poignant, powerful, witty and humorous tones, the authors provide a unique voice for those with MS as well as caregivers living with MS. MS patients reading these pieces will gain both practical and emotional benefits. One is able to learn about different strategies, symptoms or treatments unique to others, some they may not have ever even heard of. Read about brave stories, struggles and victories experienced firsthand by your fellow MS fighters.

In addition to hearing the voices of patients themselves, gain perspectives from caregivers and loved ones and see how your MS impacts others around you.

Editor Laura Kolaczkowski shared her enthusiasm for the latest volume, “This is the fourth edition of the book, and the quality of writing continues to grow as more MS advocated become aware of being able to contribute to this book.” Laura also shared that there are future plans for a fifth edition in 2018, and anyone interested in being a potential contributor can email SomethingOnOurMinds@gmail.com.