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Specialized New Jersey Gym Helping Patients with MS, Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries

September 5, 2017

A specialized gym located in Oakland, NJ is providing patients with MS, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and other forms of paralysis with a way to optimize their quality of life.

Before doctors discovered that Lois Hamilton of the Oak Ridge section of West Milford had a cyst pushing against her spine, she played tennis, skied and bicycled.
“I was always pretty active,” she told Daily Voice.

The cyst ultimately caused the former middle school math teacher to lose the ability to walk, and she now uses a wheel chair. But thanks to her determination, and the help of trainers at Push to Walk in Oakland, she’s discovered new ways to exercise and gain strength.

The gym provides recreational service for it’s members. These activities consist of surfing, adapting yoga, sled hockey and art therapy. The hand-cycling class is Hamilton’s favorite, as she has been a member of the “Push-to-Walk” team for 6 years.

That team participates in the NJ half-marathon to raise funds for workout sessions. “If you go to a marathon like that, people are lining the course, cheering you on, and you are part of the group … I was hooked,” she said.

Now she recruits others to train for the half-marathon.

“She is a great motivator of people. She pushes other clients,” said Tiffany Warren, who oversees the gym's training staff.
“Most people depending on what their injury was, are usually told what they can’t do as opposed to what they can do. That is what we try to avoid, and try to get them to do these goals that they have,” Warren said.

Push to Walk offers scholarships to help qualified clients offset the costs of training. To view a video on Push to Walk, click here . For more information on the organization, click here .

Via Daily Voice