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New Survey Finds Multiple Sclerosis Patients Struggle with Misdiagnosis and Invisible Symptoms

May 1, 2017

Survey results show that more than 5,300 individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) initially received an improper diagnosis and have trouble finding an effective treatment. This survey was conducted by MS in America 2017. When first diagnosed with MS, patients have many difficulties with the proper diagnosis. 50% of the survey respondents reported having five or more office or hospital visits before obtaining their MS diagnosis. 42% of respondents reported they were initially misdiagnosed with another condition, including depression (25%), migraine disease (15%), fibromyalgia (14%), psychiatric disorder (13%), B12 deficiency (11%), and chronic fatigue syndrome (10%).

Apparently, receiving a proper MS diagnosis continues to be a very difficult process. Devin Garlit, a MultipleSclerosis.net patient advocate, stated than many MS patients end up with inexperienced doctors. Patients also don’t realize that some of the symptoms they have could be related to MS. Overall, finding the right treatment is a difficult process and it takes a lot of trial and error. MS is known for issues such as numbness, coordination problems, and fatigue. However, these are not the only major symptoms. Others include memory loss, muscle weakness, pain, depression, and vision problems.

In the survey, respondents reported feeling pain’s effect in areas such as mood, sleep, the ability to work, and overall quality of life and relationships. There are many different types of related to MS that patients don’t realize.  Many people don’t realize that a lot of these symptoms can be invisible, meaning MS patients themselves don’t even realize they are related to the disease.


Via Yahoo Finance