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MS Patients Can See Symptoms of Disease 5 Years Before Diagnosis

May 2, 2017

A study has found that patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) may be developing the disease for up to five years before the first diagnosis is made. The study, Health-care use before a first demyelinating even suggestive of a multiple sclerosis prodrome: a matched cohort study,” was published in the journal The Lancet Neurology. The study was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of British Colombia, where the examined health records of 14,428 MS patients and compared them to the health records of 72,059 people without the disease. The statistical analysis of comparing these two demographics showed that the number of annual visits to healthcare facilities increase steadily in people diagnosed later with MS.

The findings suggest the existence of a measureable MS prodrome, an early set of signs and symptoms that can indicate the onset of demyelination occurring in MS patients. If this is so, a new path of opportunities may open up to identify and potentially treat MS. Further studies will include the assessment of physician claims and prescriptions in the health records of the MS patients. This will determine the existence of trends in illnesses reported and prescriptions filled to treat a specific set of symptoms.

Via MS News Today