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Telling Family and Friends About Your MS

December 29, 2017

While some may choose to tell their loved ones about their diagnosis right away, others may have a difficult time sharing this new discovery to their loved ones.

Close family members and partners may take this news the hardest, as they do care for you deeply and don’t want to see you hurting. They will need a good amount of time to digest the news of your recent diagnosis, it may be difficult for them to fully understand all of the implications of multiple sclerosis. They will appreciate your help in trying to guide them through what your autoimmune disease fully entails; as you learn more about your disease, you can help your loved ones understand it as well.

Telling children about your MS can also be difficult, especially in regards to what age the child may be and what they will be able to process about your current condition. It is up to you to be upfront and honest, as well as tell them what you think they should know and what they can fully comprehend.

You definitely do not have to broadcast to everyone you know that you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, unless of course that is something you wish to do. The choice is yours.

It would be best begin with your close friends, especially those you would normally see on a regular basis as they may start to wonder why you haven’t been yourself lately. Close friends will want to support you in every way they can, sometimes they may even be easier to talk to than your family. They will offer you different advice and a new perspective on your situation that could be very supportive and refreshing.

Another thing you must deal with, and might be worrying about most, are the different reactions you’ll receive once you deliver the news. While some may react with nothing but positivity and curiosity, others may have an adverse reaction, where they start to pull away and try avoiding you. While this can easily be taken as offensive and you could be hurting as a result of their reaction, they simply do not know how to handle the news you’ve delivered to them. Reassure those you share this news with that having MS does not mean you cannot live a happy and successful life.

You are still the same person you were before your multiple sclerosis diagnosis, share with your friends and family that you still want to be treated like the old you.