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Fighting Over the Thermostat

September 21, 2015

Many MS patients have full control over their thermostat at home. When they need it colder they can adjust it and vice versa. However, in a public place, things may not be so easy. Whether you are at work, school, a restaurant or any other place where you have no control, you are going to run into this issue eventually.
Obviously you can ask the person in charge to adjust it, but sometimes it isn’t that easy.  Fortunately there are steps you can take when you are faced with this ordeal:

Use a cool vest
In the summer, these can really be a life saver. This full-size cooling vest contains insulated pockets, in which you can place small ice packs. The vest is worn over clothing and can provide cooling relief for hours. There are smaller lightweight vests available too that can be worn under clothing, at work for example. Check out the many varieties here.

Adjust your workstation
There are little things you can do at your workstation to ensure that your body temperature is in a good place. Bring a personal fan into the office so that you will stay cool but also not disturb anyone else. If you work near a window, open and close the blinds to adjust how much sunlight you’ll get.

Stay Home
Whenever possible, it important you spend a lot of time at home. Home is an MS patient’s kingdom. It’s where you can have everything set perfectly for you and you will be able to function beautifully. If you go into a workplace daily, talk to them about your condition and working from home on extreme days.