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Using Social Media to Your Advantage

May 2, 2016

Odds are, if you are seeing this, you follow our page on Twitter and/or Facebook. This means that you are on social media, which is the first step. You can greatly benefit from spending time on social media, depending on how much time you decide to put in.

First off, in this day and age, people love to spend time on the internet and read their social media feeds. It is a source for news as well as a way to communicate with friends without actually having to meet up. People who feel isolated go to social media to interact with others, and MS can be a very isolating disease at times. There are countless groups and lists to be found that are filled with people who are willing to discuss their MS with others.

Seeing patients out there living (and living well!) will undoubtedly give a patient hope that they too can be happy with MS. As anyone who has conquered a difficult task will tell you, confidence is half the battle. You are not alone, and you may find that a strange symptom you have is not so uncommon.

Patients now are more educated than ever. You will find that they love to share articles from reputable blogs and some may even have their own. These blogs are chock full of interesting tips for patients and caregivers, MS-friendly recipes, breaking news and drugs coming up the pipeline.

Sitting in front of a computer or phone all day is no way to live a life, but it is important to educate yourself and know what you are entitled to as a patient. Basic Home Infusion has a great following on social media already, so check out our pages to educate yourself and meet other patients.