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MS & Vision Problems

March 9, 2016

Vision issues are a common thing for MS patients. Some issues will come and go on their own, but it is always important to know what problems may arise and precautions to take to avoid them.

  • Optic Neuritis-This is one of the most common symptoms for an MS patient, and one that they will likely deal with early on. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have MS. Symptoms of this condition include blurred vision, graying vision and temporary blindness (especially during a flare). This condition usually only occurs in one eye.

  • Double Vision- This occurs when the pair of muscles that control eye movement. The good news is that it is due to the eyes being tired or strained and goes away. Try to give your eyes extended periods of rest throughout the day.

  • Uncontrolled Eye Movement- People with MS may lose control of how they move their eyes up and down or side to side. The problem is called nystagmus. It may be mild or it may be severe enough to keep someone from seeing well.