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MS Vision Damage Can Be Reversed by Common Over-The-Counter Drug

June 8, 2016

According to new research, optic neuropathy, also known as multiple sclerosis vision damage, can be reversed by a common over-the-counter cold drug. The common medicine traditionally alleviates cold and allergy symptoms, but has recently been found to temporarily reverse MS vision damage.

The study involved 50 multiple sclerosis patients with optic neuropathy and took five months to complete. The study’s author Ari Green stated, “This study is exciting because it is the first to demonstrate possible repair of that protective coating in people with chronic demyelination from MS.”

Those who participated took vision tests at the start of the study, then once again at the end. The participants were given either clemastine furmarate or a placebo during the first three months. During the next two months, those who had been receiving the drug were switched to the placebo and those who had been taking the placebo were switched to the drug.

While it was discovered that the improvement made by the drug was ‘modest’, Green said the study was found to be promising, because it is the first time a drug has been shown to possibly reverse damage done by MS. The study was said to having provided a framework for MS repair studies in the future. Larger studies must also be conducted to test the effectiveness of the drug on a larger scale.