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Best Practices for MS Patients

January 15, 2016

As many patients already know, MS can be a sneaky disease, as symptoms that have lay dormant all of a sudden come alive to flare up at any moment. These flares occur when the immune system attacks a certain region of the brain or spine. Here are the best ways to limit your flare ups:

Watch What You Eat: There are tons of foods out there to limit your symptoms. W well balanced diet will help you control your blood pressure, blood sugar and body weight. Many doctors recommend a low-fat diet with a good amount of fiber. The paleo diet is known to be very successful diet for MS patients, but there is no concrete direction you should go. Do your research and be creative!

Stimulate Your Mind: During a flare, many patients will feel scatterbrained and have problems thinking clearly. There are many games that you can play daily to strengthen your mind. Another key is to stay organized. Use your smart phone to update your calendar, or if you consider yourself old-school, keep your own hand written one.

Stay in Shape: Try to do something physical every single day. Whether that be weightlifting, running, walking, jogging or riding a bike, doing something healthy for your body also helps our nervous system. Combination exercises can be largely helpful in reducing fatigue and improving quality of life.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep:
I know, I know, easier said than done. Make it your ultimate goal to get 7.5 hours of sleep every night, as recommended by the National MS Society. Setting a consistent bedtime and wake time can help you get on a regular sleep schedule. Before bed, wind down with a relaxing bedtime ritual like reading, listening to music or writing. Make it a habit to turn your phone off before bed and not to use it once you get into bed.

Incorporate Vitamin D: Vitamin D does wonders for anyone’s immune system, let alone an MS patient. There are countless studies that highlight the fact that a lack of Vitamin D worsens MS.