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Popular Advertisement Outlines MS Symptoms Using A Bicycle as Metaphor

January 6, 2016

An ad campaign by Grey Australia has come up with an ad campaign to raise awareness for MS ahead of the MS Melbourne Cycle in March. The campaign is called “This Bike Has MS”.

As you’ll see if you watch below, the bicycle image seems perfectly fine, much like a typical MS patient. "Its gears are unpredictable, its frame off-balanced, and its brakes numb to press," the ad's narrator continues. "This bike has multiple sclerosis."

They say that a great bike should be a seamless extension of the body. However, this bike is loaded with a bunch of minor inconveniences such as crooked wheels, dull brakes and dysfunctional gears. The problems add up and force the bike user to fight to stay upright, much like an MS patient.

I believe that this ad campaign really hit the nail on the head when it comes to showing what it’s like to live with MS. On the surface someone may not notice anything, (“You don’t LOOK sick to me”), but the unpredictability of the disease/bike adds all sorts of craziness that a patient has to deal with, minute by minute.