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Blood Test Said to Diagnose MS at Onset

January 14, 2016

A company called IQuity Labs has announced that they have received $2 million in seed funding to support the launch of its test panels, diagnostic tests designed to confirm the presence or absence of disease at the very onset of symptoms.

“People often search for years to find answers that will help them address symptoms related to autoimmune disease,” said IQuity’s CEO, Dr. Chase Spurlock, in a press release. “It’s our goal to equip providers with a tool to diagnose patients faster so they can lead happier, healthier lives.”
The first to debut this year will be a test to diagnose multiple sclerosis, and tests to diagnose other autoimmune diseases will be released during the second half of 2016 as well. The company did say that these tests would be minimally invasive using blood draw.

IQuity notes that early diagnosis and treatment can great improve a patient’s quality of life, and reduce both the personal and economic costs of a disease.

“The rapid success of our fundraising effort is a result of our investors being directly affected by autoimmune disease. They believe in the science and how it can positively impact millions of patients,” concluded Julia B. Polk, COO and CFO of IQuity Labs.