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Assistive Device: Curved Sliding Board

September 16, 2015

One aspect of having Multiple Sclerosis that can be difficult, especially as the disease progresses, is transferring your body from seat to seat. There are many different tools at a patient can use, but we will focus on a basic, yet very effective one.

The curved sliding board is shaped like an arch which enables a variety of positioning options but also allows for a natural sweeping motion during an assisted transfer. It can be used transferring to/from a bed, car, wheelchair or toileting. They are very durable and have a smooth sliding surface that makes any transfer pleasurable.

  • When transferring from chair to another surface it is important to position your wheelchair at less than a 90 degree angle next to said surface a (a 45 degree angle is desired)
  • The wheelchair brakes should be locked and double-checked, as well as the armrest moved.
  • The patient being moved should be seated at the front of the chair, so that their feet are firmly on the floor.
  • Ones the patient begins to shift their weight, the board should be wiggled underneath the patient until it is 1/3 or more of the way under the patient. If a bare bottom transfer is needed, put a pillowcase over the board to avoid friction.
  • With trunk leaning forward, the patient’s arms should be used to push while sliding the bottom across the board to the next surface. Every effort should be made to lift the body so as not to drag skin across the board surface. Be sure to fully clear the wheel or other parts of the wheelchair.
  • Any assistance should be provided from in-front of the patient.

Many MS Patients wonder what they would do without this basic but essential tool. If you would like to purchase one, you can here among other places.