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First MS Patients in CHANGE-MS Trial Are Said to Receive Novel Treatment

June 13, 2016

GeNeuro announced that the first patients that have relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) are in a Phase 2b clinical trial under treatment with the company’s leading drug, GNbAC1. GeNeuro is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on novel treatments for autoimmune diseases such as MS.

GNcAC1 on the other hand is a monoclonal antibody that is designed to neutralize MSRV-En, which is a protein that has been previously linked to both neurodegeneration and inflammation features of MS.

The Clinical trial assessing the HERV-W Env Antagonist GNbAC1 for Efficacy in MS, placebo-controlled study CHANGE-MS plans to enroll 260 patients within 69 clinical centers across 13 European countries. The double-blind study aims to assess the cumulative number of brain lesions at both six and 12 months of treatment and compare it to the placebo controls. The preliminary results of the studies are due in 2017.

Dr. Francois Curtin, chief operating officer at GeNeuro says that the new therapy, “Seeks to neutralize an upstream source of inflammation and to restore the remyelination capacity of the brain. Blocking a causal factor in MS, as opposed to current treatments that interfere with the immune system, would open a new therapeutic option for MS patients.”

The CEO of the company, Jesús Martin-Garcia said developing GNbAC1 in MS with French-based pharmaceutical company Servier, will allow GeNeuro to extent MS studies to the US. The company Servier is set to commercialize and develop GNbAC1 in MS throughout the world.