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How Good Cholesterol Could Impact Your MS

October 9, 2015

It is well known that high cholesterol in multiple sclerosis patients will have a negative impact on the development of lesions in the brain. A team at the University of Buffalo has determined that good cholesterol could give multiple sclerosis patients a great boost.

This study set out to see the association between cholesterol and the apolipoproteins with blood brain barrier permeability and inflammation of the central nervous system. 154 adults who were taking interferon beta-1a after their first demyelinating event participated.

The participants were followed for 4 years. The authors concluded at that time that higher levels of good cholesterol were associated with lower levels of injury to the blood brain barrier as well as leakage of lymphocytes into the cerebrospinal fluid.

To put it in simpler terms, MS patients could stand to benefit from keeping their cholesterol levels at a healthy range. Since the breakdown of the BBB is the first step in the development of lesions in the brain in MS, this finding can prove beneficial in determining new prevention and management strategies.