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New App Delivers Personalized Cognitive Rehab to MS Patients

November 30, 2015

A new application has been developed that will allow patients with multiple sclerosis to receive cognitive rehabilitation at home. This app, called COGNI-TRAcK, self-administers at-home intensive and personalized CR intervention based on WM exercises. COGNI-TRAcK includes routines automatically implementing adaptive working load algorithms and allowing data processing and analysis. COGNI-TRAcK was developed for Android and up to now implements three exercises shown to improve WM performances in healthy people.

A study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of this app, which included 16 cognitively impaired patients with MS (PwMS). They submitted to an 8-week at-home intervention, self-administered by the app. It involved 5 sessions a week and 30 minutes a session.

Disposability-to-use COGNI-TRAcK was investigated by means of a questionnaire administered to patients at the end of the training. Results showed that:

  • PwMS adherence to treatment was 84%
  • 93.75% of PwMS understood the instructions given
  • 100% felt independent to use COGNI-TRAcK at-home
  • 75% found the exercises interesting
  • 81.25% found the exercises useful and were motivated to use the App again
Moreover, during the exercises execution, PwMS felt high level of motivation to well perform and rather low levels of stress, boredom and amusement.